OG Anunoby proud of how Raptors responded to adversity in Game 3

Despite the sting of the Game 3 loss to Philadelphia on Wednesday night, OG Anunoby says the Raptors can be proud of how they competed, fought, game-planned and executed up until the final moments where it all fell apart. Follow our Raptors coverage all season long on Yahoo Sports Canada.

Video Transcript

- How hard of a loss was that?

OG ANUNOBY: Pardon me?

- How hard of a loss was that?

OG ANUNOBY: Oh, it was definitely a hard loss. We were up. We were playing really good. We were flying around, taking charges, getting stops. Ball was moving around. Yes, it was tough to lose that game.

- Take us through Embiid's play, where Embiid scored. And how we got home from there.

OG ANUNOBY: So I haven't seen it yet. So I don't even know.

- Yeah. Second half, you were in a certain self, offensively. What was-- why did you have that space mostly?

OG ANUNOBY: Just trying to be aggressive, trying to get downhill. Try to get teammates involved and look for my shot too. Just try to get to the line. Try to just be aggressive, be assertive.

- Are there other things you guys could do? Did you have Pascal more involved? I think you had 5 shots in the-- looks like it's not in overtime. Is that just how the game unfolded?

OG ANUNOBY: Yeah, I'd have to watch the film. I think I did a good job being aggressive. After, I have to watch the film. I don't know.

- I mean, obviously a hard loss. But how would you guys say you responded in the face of adversity, all things considered? As younger--

OG ANUNOBY: I think we fought, we came out hard. And we played hard, played tough. And it was adversity, I thought we fought. And we handled it pretty well. Just didn't go out with that.

- When you watched at the time when you weren't on the board did it help in identifying how you can play off Pascal, and identifying his weak spots and all that stuff?

OG ANUNOBY: Just trying to watch everyone. Like on my team, plays on other teams, how they play, how they drive, how they move around for shots, how they post, something, off the rebound. Just watching everyone. Watching film of everyone. Just trying to see what I can pick up on and use.

- Is there like, a big takeaway to talk about?

OG ANUNOBY: Just, no big takeaway. Just, really just being aggressive. Trying to assert myself.

- Good job. You fell for most of this season. How in rhythm do you feel right now?

OG ANUNOBY: I mean, I feel all right, but we keep losing, so it doesn't matter. Just trying to win games. Not worried about rhythm.

- I'm wondering if it's better defensively to just--

OG ANUNOBY: I don't know. I mean, we had a good game plan. We've had one the whole time. I think we were more connected tonight.

We rebounded better. We tried to force more turnovers. I think that, that helped.

- Is this the game where you can see a young team, young players, like Precious and Gary, taking a step? And getting some of that valuable playoff experience? Or is it kind of too tough to look at it like that in the middle of a series that isn't going your way?

OG ANUNOBY: No, I think every game is a learning experience. You can get better from every game, win or loss. And I think they're-- they both played amazing. And this will help catapult their careers.

- What's it say about Malachi, that you know, he hasn't gotten much playing time? So much on the line against going on Harden, and doesn't know that he's indispensable?

OG ANUNOBY: Just that he's a professional, you know? He's had great point guards to look up to, in Kyle and Fred. And so he's just stayed ready, worked on his game, and then came in ready to contribute and help the team on both sides. So.

- If there was a game that every team that doesn't win the championship goes home at the end of the season and just, "That's the one that bugs me, That's the one we should've had?" Is that what happened to it?

OG ANUNOBY: Yeah, I mean, we definitely thought we should have won. We were winning. Didn't go that way. Just try to win in game 4. And then go back to Philly.

- Thank you very much, everybody.

OG ANUNOBY: Thank you.

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