NHL's absence from Beijing Olympics hurts hockey fans most

A Canada vs. USA best-on-best classic and Nathan MacKinnon and Connor McDavid playing together are just two of the things being stolen from hockey fans with no NHLers in Beijing.

Video Transcript

- Even some of the match-ups you could have seen, like-- like I was looking so forward to Canada versus the US. That would have been like--


- --ridiculous, like, just like this is the purest skill on either team. And just the quality [INAUDIBLE]--


- --amount of players. Like, it would have been a fantastic-- like, whether it's a gold medal game or even round robin, man. Those are the games you stay up for. And I think that would have been-- that would've been so disgusting to watch. And then, like, we-- you brought up like you could be David and MacKinnon on the same line. But--


RAHEF ISSA It's ridiculous.

- It's stupid. It's stupid. Buy, yeah, this is the reality of the thing, but hopefully, the next time around-- hey, maybe Connor Bedard will be there.