NFL Week 2 Picks: Ravens will test Dolphins' most-improved credentials

Miami impressed in Mike McDaniel's coaching debut against a disappointing Patriots team but the Baltimore Ravens will be a sterner test in Week 2.

Video Transcript

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Let's get into some of the games I'm watching for week two. I got the Baltimore Ravens versus the Miami Dolphins. Miami looked much improved, you know, last week. Mike McDaniels came in, we saw his footprint. We saw the run stuff. We saw some of the quick game things. We saw some of the West Coast elements.

We saw Tyreek Hill be dynamic. So now we're once again seeing, can the Dolphins continue to do that, right? And now we have the Dolphins versus this competition in the Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens are no scrubs.

So let's see if they-- because it's one thing for Miami to go from being an OK team to a good team. But let's see if you can really compete against those super, super competitive teams. So this is a early week two test for the Miami Dolphins. I don't trust Tua at all, but I trust good coaching and what good coaching can do.

If I had to pick a team, I got to go Baltimore Ravens. I would definitely go Baltimore Ravens. Lamar Jackson is out to get his guaranteed money, his fully guaranteed contract like he wants. They don't have a solid running back option, but who cares. He's Lamar Jackson. He'll carry the run game by himself.

He has the upgraded wide receiver, situational wide receiver room. I think that'll benefit him. And I do think the Dolphins will be solid, but we got to see them, especially since they're in the same division as the Buffalo Bills. So this would be a good little test for Miami before going into that buzzsaw of a fantastic football team. But I'm picking the Baltimore Ravens.

Last game, I got the Minnesota Vikings versus the Philadelphia Eagles. Now the Philadelphia Eagles got into a shootout with the Lions. Now that could be something that's worth laughing at or it could be the idea that, hey, Voch, the Lions got better. As a Cowboys fan, I want to just make the Lions as bad as possible in this particular situation, just so I can laugh at the Eagles. You got into a shootout with a team that was the second overall pick last year, good for you, sir.

But then we have the Minnesota Vikings that just walked in and aggressively put hands all over the Green Bay Packers. So if I had to pick the team out of this, I think quarterback's win, man. Quarterbacks matter. And Jalen Hurts is just not a good quarterback to me.

You know, it's interesting, right? And I just want to make sure that as football fans we're not just using fantasy football metrics as, like, real football metrics. So Jalen Hurts had a pretty solid day by the numbers because he ran the football, he's a rusher, right?

But if you take a look at Jalen Hurts and him reading the offense, him getting his receivers involved, he only really trusted AJ Brown last week. He didn't even get DeVonta Smith going and he was their first round pick last year. So I think it's going to be interesting.

I think if you're going into a match-up versus Philly, you have to make Jalen Hurts throw the football. Let's see if the Vikings make Jalen Hurts throw the football. If I had to pick a team, I'm going the Minnesota Vikings.