NFL Week 13 Picks: Scraps, shootouts and more Mike White

In Week 13, the Dolphins and Niners will play high-powered offense, the Eagles will be forced to scrap it out with the Titans, while the Jets and Vikings will feature a Mike White vs. Kirk Cousins shootout.

Video Transcript

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Let me tell you what's so fun about the games I'm watching this week, is they're all playoff implication games, and they're all some of the best NFC teams versus some of the best AFC teams. So we get into inter-conferencenal play. Is that a word? Interconference play? And they're all playoff level teams, playoff implicating games. This time of year where you really can't afford to be losing games, they just put these best teams against three other best teams and we'll see what happens here.

The first game we're going to talk about is the Miami Dolphins versus the San Francisco 49ers. This is going to be interesting because the Niners are technically a playoff team, and they are technically a winning football team. I was watching the Niners versus the Saints last week, and I was like, man, the Niners are so physical that it almost masked the fact that they're not a good football team to me. I don't think the Niners are a great team all together, but they have that one thing that we're physical. We're a tough team. And that makes for a match-up issues. That makes for problems versus these other teams.

And then we have the Miami Dolphins, who are technically an offensive juggernaut, like you would say. But they don't really get it done with physicality. I would say, they're more of a finesse juggernaut, which could be a thing here. So we'll see what happens when you get a physical team versus a finesse team, versus both are playoff teams, and both really can't be losing games because they are thick in their division races, but if I had to make a pick, I'd say the Dolphins are the better team, that they're going to go out and beat the 49ers, who are more physical, but I don't think they're as good as the Dolphins right now. I just got too much faith in Tua and what he's doing.

Up next, I have the Tennessee Titans versus the Philadelphia Eagles, which is hilarious. This game kind of works in the same vein as the last game, right? The Philadelphia Eagles, who've been winning. They've been doing it with these kind of cute, or whatever, right? They put up the big numbers, but Tennessee Titans just been winning just gritty. They've been winning physically, right? They run you over with Derrick Henry and they are one of the best run defense teams in the league, and that could be a problem for the Philadelphia Eagles on the account that they like to run the football and try to stop the run.

And their run defense hasn't been that great, talking about the Philadelphia Eagles. They've been signing all these tackles or whatnot to try to bolster that d-line, but the Titans don't care how much you bolster your d-line. You've got to go out there and tackle Derrick Henry and play physical with that defense. If I had to pick, I don't know, man. It seems like when the Eagles play against bad talent, they kind of play down to that. I don't know. They're either playing down to the talent, or maybe, I don't know, these defense coordinators are just catching up with the Philadelphia Eagles.

But if I had to make an upset pick, let's go with the Titans over the Eagles. That should be a fun one to look forward to. And the last one we're looking forward to is the Jets versus the Vikings there. So Kirk Cousins, hey, man, look, primetime Kirk Cousins was trending last Thursday for Thanksgiving. Kirk Cousins went out there and he put hands all over the New England Patriots there. And the Patriots made it a close game, which says a lot more about the Vikings defense than the actual Vikings offense.

You know, Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson were able to put their numbers up, but, still, it was a close fight, which brings me to the Mike White led New York Jets. Now, if we know anything about Mike White, man, he'll go out there. He'll put these points up, and if not playing great defense like we haven't been seeing from the Vikings, whether it be this game versus the Patriots, or the last game versus the Cowboys, the Vikings defense looks exploitable. You mean to tell me, can Mike White come out here and put up big numbers against the Minnesota Vikings? It could be a shootout. I don't know. We'll see. We'll cross the road whenever we get there this Sunday, but if I had to pick out of the Jets or the Vikings, let's go Jets. Appreciate y'all.