Which NFL team will be this year's primetime nightmare? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Last season, the Denver Broncos made primetime football almost unwatchable. With the 2023 NFL schedule now out, Yahoo Fantasy analysts Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don discuss which team could become the toughest to watch under the lights. Hear the full conversation on the “Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast” - subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript


- Did they make this schedule before the Aaron Rodgers trade happened? It's crazy, Dalton. The Packers got five-- five-- prime-time games. The other teams with five-plus prime-time games this year, Dalton-- the Chiefs have six, the Bills have six, the Cowboys have six, the Chargers have six, the Raiders have five-- that's a little mysterious-- the Giants have five, the Jets have five, the Eagles have five, the Vikings, the 49ers all have five. Who do you think has the best chance to be, quote, "this year's Broncos" of those teams I mentioned? Who among that group of teams has the best chance to be the team that's like-- you know, Scott and everybody else is trying to unsubscribe from on their TV.

- Yeah, the Raiders are usually entertaining. Garoppolo outside of Shanahan could be ugly. Plus, he's always hurt. And you look at the depth chart there. I hope I'm wrong and rooting for Jimmy G, but that really might end poorly, and we're looking at Aidan O'Connell getting starts in the second half or something. So I think it kind of screams the Raiders, doesn't it?

- That defense has the chance to just be pretty unwatchable as well. 100%, yeah. They absolutely, I think, are the best nomination. Even, again, if Jordan Love is not a-- if he's not a star right away, that's one thing. If he's a stone-cold disaster, which I kind of doubt he'll be a disaster-- but even if he's a functional NFL quarterback, I still think the Packers are a good team. They have a lot of picks on defense that they made in the first round. They've loaded that unit up. So they should still be a fine team and be competitive.

I think the Raiders have the chance to be pretty disastrous. Yeah, none of these other teams-- I mean, the Giants, I guess, based on your opinion of Daniel Jones, although I have so much respect for Brian Daboll. I don't think they'll be a tough, tough watch.

The Vikings could be a little weird. I mean, knock on wood, something happens to Justin Jefferson-- I'm really not trying to watch-- Jordan Addison is the number one receiver. Alexander Mattison might be the number one back. I don't know. The Vikings, they have me a little nervous, too, in that regard. But again, it would probably take an injury to one of these other teams.

- I like that call, Vikings. I mean, Cousins' YPA last year was really a disappointment. I like that call on them.