Who is the next best fantasy option in Kansas City? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, analysts Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski look at the rest of the fantasy options in Kansas City behind quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce.

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: The problem, the reason why I had to rank them here is Pacheco's a maybe. And look at their receiver room, MVS, Toney, Skyy Moore, Richie James. Can you talk yourself into any of these guys? Also Kelce's into an age 34 season.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, yep.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: What would happen to this offensive if anything happened to Kelce? And know he's been incredibly durable. And we can't necessarily assume he's going to get hurt. But that's an age pocket that makes me nervous.

So the bottom line is thisl, last year. I know Evan Silva was pounding the table on this. Maybe Levitan too, the great guys at ETR, when are you ever going to get this cheap of a Mahomes and Kelce stack? That's gone. Kelce was near the top. I think he might have been the number one or number two player in Yahoo MVPs, the player who moved the needle the most based on where they were drafted and how they impacted the best teams in Yahoo Fantasy.

Now Kelce is going to be in the first round or, at the latest, maybe the early second round. And Mahomes, we're going to see-- we talked a lot about there's going to probably be a groundswell of quarterbacks that are going to move up. Because the position hasn't been as deep lately.

And the quarterbacks who augment their value with either a lot of running or, in the case of Mahomes, more strategic running and more resourceful running, but the pocket guys are getting phased out. Somehow Kirk Cousins had the number one receiver last year. And he was still just quarterback eight, which is a pretty nifty trick when you play a full season.

But it feels uncomfortable to have Kansas City at eight because they have the best quarterback in the league. And the best-- I think probably the best game designer in the league and the best tight end in the league. But I just don't know. I can't--

I have to pause with everybody else. I can't draft Pacheco confidently. And he's the third musketeer here.


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Is there a receiver here? You're Mr. Receiver. Who's the receiver we should be drafting Kansas City?

MATT HARMON: My favorite bet right now is Skyy Moore just because I liked him as a prospect. I think when he got-- when he was on the field, very limited glimpses, showed you some potential to be a decent route runner. But he's no guarantee. He did nothing as a rookie.

I think that was probably by design. I think that their receiver Rasheed Rice will be on a similar like-- the rookie they took in the second round this year out of SMU, I think they'll have him on a similar developmental plan, like we're getting you up to speed in this offense, which is a tough offense to learn as a rookie. And you'll be a '24 guy. And I think Skyy Moore's designed to be a '23 guy here to take JuJu's now vacated role as that big-- as a slot receiver. So I think he's the one I'd take.