Nazem Kadri no closer to a landing spot

Two weeks into NHL free agency, Nazem Kadri is still without a team and the longer the summer goes on, the more likely it might be that the Canadian center remains in Colorado.

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Nazem Kadri, as of this reporting is still--

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OMAR: Kadri is going-- Kadri is staying in Colorado, man.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, I think it's-- I think he's staying at this point.

OMAR: He waited too frickin' long. How long has it been now, like two weeks? Come on, now.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Like, what? Like, come on!

OMAR: He's staying.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Who's giving him the bag now? Maybe Calgary.

OMAR: Like, Darren Ferris has a lot of players who are making a lot of money, so you know, obviously he's doing something right. But this is a prime example of how his, like, his whole, I'm going to make it a world tour thing doesn't always work. Like is he staying in-- who else is going to sign him? Who else? Like, no one else has the cap space to. At least no one else of--

SAM CHANG: Neither does Colorado.

OMAR: Yeah, that's also fair. That's also-- I didn't even [INAUDIBLE].

SAM CHANG: Like, listen, if this was before the Nichushkin and Josh Manson contracts, that would have been one thing, but they had a lot of money tied to those two players.

OMAR: Ooh, ouch, [INAUDIBLE].

JULIAN MCKENZIE: They really signed choo-choo-train to like eight years.

SAM CHANG: I was literally like, what-- like--

OMAR: Ooh, actually--

SAM CHANG: Not questioning them, but those are the first contracts they've signed in a long time that are like giving me some anxiety.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: Yeah, the [INAUDIBLE] have $0.44 to their name.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, who are they going to move out-- if they-- so like, if they keep Kadri, like, who are they going to move out to make that work?

OMAR: And I take that back. Never mind.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: We don't have to deliberate over that.

OMAR: No, I take that back man, because man-- Nathan MacKinnon, only one more year. Man, yeah, I take that back, never mind.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: That that's a bad man that has to--

SAM CHANG: I don't think they're going to resign Eric Johnson.

OMAR: That's fair. Oh, yeah. Oh, oh, yeah. Oh, six?

SAM CHANG: 6 mill right there.

OMAR: OK, yeah. He's fine. Never mind.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: OK. All right, well I'm sure they'll find a way to get out of that.