The moment Chris Boucher felt like he 'made it' in the NBA

On the latest episode of Hustle Play, Chris Boucher reveals the moment he thought he had solidified himself as an NBA player. Listen to the full segment on the podcast feed or watch on our YouTube.

Video Transcript

MIKE ROACH: What is the greatest lesson basketball has ever taught you? That is from Bonnie.

CHRIS BOUCHER: It's not about what you want. It's more about what you need. And time is the only thing that matters at that point because time plays a role in how much time you're gonna be in the league, how much minutes you get, how many times you-- how many shots you're gonna get. Everything is just-- time does a lot of things in there. So I'd say time is definitely something that I've learned about the NBA. You've got to manage your time in that world.

MIKE ROACH: OK. Now, here we have a hypothetical. Kind of a weird one, but here we go. Would you rather one ring and a career in the bottom five standings or no ring and a career in the top five standings?

CHRIS BOUCHER: What's my career if I'm on the bottom? Am I getting MVPs? Am I getting All-Stars? Am I--


CHRIS BOUCHER: All right, if I'm not getting none of that, then I'm gonna get a ring.

MIKE ROACH: Makes sense.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I got to win something.

MIKE ROACH: True. I was going to ask you why, but that's good reasoning. You already said it.

Now, what is the moment in your career where you felt like you made it? That is from Ishmeet.

CHRIS BOUCHER: When I signed last year.

MIKE ROACH: The second contract?


MIKE ROACH: Why is that?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Because I was still hungry after the-- I mean, I'm still hungry for a third one. Know what I'm saying? When I signed the first one, I still knew that I wanted to do better than that, so. And it was only two years. So I was like two years is like-- goes by fast. I want to be done--