Mitch Marner rolling towards franchise points-streak record

Mitch Marner's goal in the Leafs win over Pittsburgh gave him a point in a 16th straight game, the longest active streak in the NHL, which puts him two short of the franchise record.

Video Transcript

- Mitch Marner is on the cusp of breaking Leafs history. Now he's on a 16-game point streak. And with a couple more games, he can literally stand out as being the Leaf with the longest points streak. But will he do it?

I put out a poll and asked a lot of you. Majority of you say, yes, he will. And I agree. I do think he will. I think Marner right now is playing at a level that we haven't seen as-- as much this year.

You know, the beginning of the season, there were some, like, odd times watching him. And sometimes he didn't look engaged, taking a lot of penalties, and a lot of giveaways in the neutral zone.

But now, he's just, like, on it. And I don't know if it's just the season, settling in, or being on Tavares's line and kind of being the person on that line. I don't know, man. But like, Mitch Marner has snapped.

He's, like-- he's scoring goals in the opening minute, deking goaltenders. He's stripping [INAUDIBLE], hanging pucks in the corner. He's, like, getting it on the floor check and using his physicality to create plays on top of the skill. Like, Mitch Marner has hit a new level.

And honestly, I can't-- I don't even know when he's going to stop putting up points. But apparently the Leafs have a lot of success when he puts up points.

And when it comes to what's happening-- what happened over the last couple of years, I mean, Auston Matthews made history last year, scoring 60. And it looks like Mitch Marner wants to take a try at making some history for himself.