The Maple Leafs have a waivers problem

Goaltender Harri Sateri, who won Olympic gold with Finland, was claimed by the Arizona Coyotes after signing with the Maple Leafs. According to Toronto GM Kyle Dubas, the Leafs have lost 11 players to waivers since 2018, twice as many as any other NHL team.

Video Transcript

- So we suck at waivers, right, just completely suck. I mean, every time the Leafs put a player on waivers, they get claimed. And a lot of people like to say, oh, Leafs' fans are just complaining, but, no, it happens.

Harri Sateri, we signed him out of the cage. Well, hey, maybe we think he can help the goaltending depth a little bit. And, no, Arizona decides to swoop in and claim him. And according to Kyle Dubas, you know, Arizona was not the only team that was interested in claiming him.

So it just begs the question, why? Why us? Why can't we just have a plan and just have that plan just take place? But no. No, we put a player on waivers to get claimed. Sometimes you put-- sometimes you put a player on waivers, we want them to get claimed, and they don't.

So, I mean, what are you going to do? I mean, you're getting to the point where even Kyle Dubas himself is bringing up the fact that the Leafs lose a lot of players on waivers. So it's not us making up narratives or anything. It's happening. It's a thing. Yes, you know, championships aren't won off of waivers, but, geez, can you just let us keep our players for once, please?