Maple Leafs are not done shopping

As the NHL trade deadline approaches on March 3, Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas finds himself with some remaining cap room to play with, following the salary retained on the deal that sent Ryan O'Reilly to Toronto. The Leafs look well stocked on both ends of the ice, but fans would love to see Dubas make one more move before the team locks in for a make-or-break postseason.

Video Transcript

- I think it's fair to say that Kyle Dubas kind of has, like, a pattern when it comes to his trades and his deals, the specific teams he deals with. Usually, he'll add a couple of players from one specific team. So again, we have O'Reilly. Is there anything else that can be added? Because one thing that stood out to me was the retention and the fact that Ryan O'Reilly only counts, like, well, like, 1.875 against the cap. There's still room there. There's still room to maneuver.

And from all the outlets and all the insiders, they keep saying the same thing, that Kyle Dubas may not be done. Is it a-- is it a defenseman? Again, Jake McCabe has been talked about. Gavrikov's been talked about, even though Gavrikov might go to Boston, which makes me upset. Jakob Chychrun who knows there, right?

Or do we add another forward? And that's kind of where I am along the lines of. I do think the Leafs would be better if they added another forward. Because if they do go down the route of having the 1, 2, 3, and you have Ryan O'Reilly on the third line, I would like to have someone who has some legitimate finishing power, not like All Star worthy or whatever, but someone who can convert on those chances.

Maybe it ends up being Calle Jarnkrok. Or maybe you get someone who can play in the top six that pushes Calle Jarnkrok down onto the left side because he's been playing on the right. But, you know, I think he's better on the left. Maybe that's something that works.

So I do think Kyle Dubas has a lot of room. And despite the fact that we gave up the draft picks for in the-- in the Ryan O'Reilly and [INAUDIBLE] trade, I still think there's a lot to work with. We still have some prospects who have value, who we know may be worth moving. Is [? Matthew ?] [INAUDIBLE]? I don't know. I mean, at this point, maybe-- maybe that spot ends up being his. But I do think Kyle Dubas is not finished improving this team. And again, that's the best you can ask for, especially ahead of a season like this.