Maple Leafs' goaltending choices proving wise

Matt Murray and Ilya Samsonov are finally both healthy and the goaltending tandem is playing at a level above what the Maple Leafs had at their disposal last season.

Video Transcript

- No surprise that the goaltending tandem is a lot better. And for once, it's actually together, where Samsonov and Murray are playing at the same time, which is awesome. If you take last year's tandem, where you had Jack Campbell and Petr Mrázek, who overall had below 0.900 save percentage, and now this year, where both goaltenders have above save percentage, the difference is drastic.

If you asked me over the summer what I wanted out of the goaltending, was I just wanted the league average or at least 0.900 save percentage. That would have been cool to get last year. And now we're getting that and even better. And we're not relying on either goaltender to, like, save the game. I think that's been a huge thing as well. And I think that kind of speaks to how better defensively the team has been.

We haven't asked Samsonov or Murray to have to make, you know, huge save after a huge save. No, they just needed to be steady, give the team an opportunity to win, make a big save here or there. But besides that, they've been doing their job.

So when it comes to the difference between last year's tandem and this year's tandem, the difference is astronomical. I mean, my heart rate is down when watching them play. So that's one thing. But on the other side, they're getting wins. And when it comes to goaltending and getting wins, it's probably the most you could ask for.