Maple Leafs deserve to host an NHL All-Star game

It's been over two decades since Toronto hosted an NHL All-Star game so is it time the Maple Leafs had the privilege once again?

Video Transcript

- I've been saying for years the Leafs need an All-Star Game. I'm actually kind of getting really frustrated about how often the game is not in Toronto. And I get it. This is the part where a lot of non-Leafs fans say, like, oh, of course, you want you want the Leafs to be [INAUDIBLE].

You want the All-Star Game in Toronto. Everything is about Toronto. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm gonna tell you something that, like, us as Leafs fans understand. The Toronto Maple Leafs have the most eyes. They have the largest fan base. They have the greatest reach.

I'm sorry. That's just the reality. So it's actually been pretty shocking or surprising how long it's been since the Leafs got a All-Star Game. The last time was in 2000. Right?

So the fact that it seems as if conversations are taking place where the Leafs might get one is pretty sick. It's pretty solid. It can be a great thing for the city.

Yes, the Leafs don't need more coverage. They don't need more fans, definitely. But that shouldn't change the fact that it'd be cool to get an All-Star Game, even a draft at some point. Montréal got the draft last year. So I just want something.

I want the Leafs to have something, whether it's an All-Star Game or whether it's a draft, just give us something. And if it ends up being the All-Star Game, that'll be sick. I'll try to make it if I can afford a ticket.