Love, Packers agree to extension through 2024

Instead of picking up the fifth-year option on Jordan Love's rookie contract, the Packers and the quarterback agreed to terms on a contract extension through the 2024 season, reportedly worth up to $22.5 million.

Video Transcript

- Jordan Love has signed a new contract with the Packers.

- Oh.

- I think I'm more righter.

- Yes, you feel righter-ish?

- I feel more righter.

- Well, that's picking up the fifth-year option, and then a few more options after that.

- You were also a little right, [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.

- Dan, the Packers have agreed to terms with Jordan Love on a new contract through 2024.


- He's now the highest paid--

- Player named Love.

- It's kind of confusing the money of it. It appears that it basically is like, it removes the fifth-year option and makes him a Packer this year and next year, and will change the money. It's guaranteed at least $22 million.

- Well, he was going to make $2 million this year and $21 next year, I heard, $22 next year.

- Correct, the numbers are a little wonky, but it appears that it removes any option of him leaving. But the commitment by the Packers is only two years.

- Fully guaranteed, 13.5.

- Right. They're kind of splitting the difference a little bit. We're trying to see what the incentives are to sign the contract.

- How would you feel if you're Jordan Love that they sort of like you? If you pick up the fifth-year option, now I'm under contract for the next two years for about 23 or $24 million.

- This seems to be the opposite of betting on yourself and taking the safe cash up front.

- Yeah. Yes, Todd?

- I think he should be content. Rodgers isn't there anymore. This is a positive thing, and they're going to see what he's got over the next couple of years. And basically he's their guy unless he proves them otherwise. So, let's go.

- Well, why don't you bet on yourself? Just go out there and play, and then all of a sudden, you're a free agent?

- Because he just got $13 million put in his pocket.

- I know, but he didn't bet on himself.

- Yeah, but I'll bet on that 13 million. This is a sure thing.

- Wait, no, no. In today's sports world, you bet on yourself, [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, no, he's about to bet on himself, after this year.

- In Green Bay, that's going to go a long way. They always say that about a guy signing with the Packers. You know that money goes a lot farther in Green Bay than New York City.

- It does. Does it go farther in Green Bay than any other city in America, any NFL city in America?