'Love the kid': Chris Boucher on Jeff Dowtin Jr.

On the latest Hustle Play, Chris Boucher explains the similarities he sees between himself and Jeff Dowtin Jr. Also, why he's thrilled Masai Ujiri mentioned he views the Raptors guard as part of the franchise's future. Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel or listen on the podcast feed.

Video Transcript

- Now, in Masai's presser, he mentioned Jeff Dowtin Jr, and that he will be a part of the team's future. What is unique--

- That's guaranteed? He said that for sure?

- I believe he did say that. Did he not? He did say that.

- Yes.

- Yeah.

- Yes.

- He views him as part of the future. That's correct. Ahmed, what is unique about Jeff Downey Jr? If you haven't seen Ahmed's interview with him, by the way, on Yahoo Sports Canada, you can go check that out.

- He's the dog, man. He's the dog. I think--

- I like him a lot, actually.

- He makes me think about a bit-- a little bit of me. Like, you know when I was two-way before, like, how you, like, you feel like you shouldn't be a two-way no more? And like, every time you touch the floor or whatever, you're doing something that makes you realize you're an NBA player?

- He's an NBA player.

- Well, that's exactly what-- you know. And like, good teammate, man. That's another guy that's really-- I'm getting close to, too, Jeff. Him, Jeff, and Christian, I think they really-- I'm getting close to these guys because, like, they want to work.

Man, there's not one day where, like, we're in practice, and like, we're playing pickup, and they're not playing. You know what I'm saying? Like, I just love that, man. I love guys like that.

Like, guys that I could see, like, they're working hard just to get somewhere, man, like, I like that. And like, they didn't sign him, and his attitude was good and still supported the team, and yeah, man, he was playing really good, so I love the kid.