Will Levis' green room wait continues - who could draft the Kentucky QB? | PFF 2023 NFL Draft Show

The Pro Football Focus live draft show discusses the agonizing wait for the Kentucky quarterback -- who was floated as a potential top-3 pick and is still waiting to hear his name called after the first night of the 2023 draft.

Video Transcript

- Can you imagine what Will Levis is going back to that hotel?

- Man. I mean went from rumors of him being first overall, second overall. They're going to trade him, get him third, fourth, and it just goes right down the list. And he never gets his name called. That-- that was bad. That was worse than Aaron Rodgers.

- That's rough. Yeah.

- Well, particularly because I mean, who's in the market for him at this point. You look even at the top of the second round. Normally if a quarterback falls you're like, OK you can see the team that's about to jump up to the top of the second maybe and grab them. Like, the teams that needed quarterbacks generally already got one. At this point, I mean the slide could be significant.

- I'm so embarrassed. I've sat here and told you guys I do not believe the hype. He is not worth that pick, and then I flip him right up to Forbes. I got scared. I will never do that again.

- There is a lot of people who thought that he was going somewhere high. Maybe it wasn't going to be number one or number two overall, but the odds were high for him to go 3, 4. The very worst we said 11, 12.

- Can take him too.

- They can.

- Hey, nothing-- nothing breeds the best results like competition. You know what I'm saying.

- Texans. Don't love-- don't love any of these guys. Let's get both of them.

- Rams at 36.

- Rams-- Rams at 36 should take [INAUDIBLE].

- That--

- Raiders at 38.

- That genuinely--

- Yeah. Yeah. They should take Will Levis. The Rams.

- OK, Liam Coen isn't there now, but he was. Right. So nobody's going to have better--


- What we--


- In terms of-- in terms of affirmation on Will Levis.

- Oh. Sure.

- Nobody is going to have more knowledge about what he is as a person, as a leader, as a quarterback than the Rams, who have had Liam Coen. Who got the best year out of him, and was then in the Rams building the next year.