What’s up with Kansas City’s Wide Receivers? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports’ Dalton Del Don, Matt Harmon and Marvin Elequin discuss the Chiefs’ WR room, including why Andy Reid continues to throw the ball to Justin Watson.

Video Transcript


DALTON DEL DON: Kansas City's wide receiver usage is just a disaster. Justin Watson tied for the team lead last week in targets. And now they're getting-- Kadarius Toney returned. They're getting Mecole Hardman likely back this week. It's just very frustrating that this team has the most yards per play in the last five years without Tyreek Hill. And it's not helping fantasy managers too much.

In fairness to them over, this four week stretch, at Denver, at Houston, Seattle, and now Denver, all four of those opponents ranked top four against wide receivers this season. So it's a tough stretch here. But another one against the Broncos this week. I mean, JuJu, you're probably using him in PPR. But it's just, he's been a little frustrating with the injuries. He looked like he was becoming really, really reliable there. And now, there's just so many more bodies.

MATT HARMON: I asked this question on my other podcast this week earlier on. The Justin Watson thing-- what is the deal with the Justin Watson thing? Like he's run the second most routes on the team, I think like three straight weeks. And it's got zero yards. No catches, no yards. He's been targeted a little. Like two targets, two targets, four targets last week. Nothing. I mean, what is Andy Reid's thing with Justin Watson?

I have no idea. Like, does he have some incriminating evidence on Andy? Does he have-- is something going on there? Because it's bizarre, man. They've invested all of these-- and look, I don't think Skyy Moore, I don't think Kadarius Toney, obviously, JuJu-- these guys aren't necessarily like outside boundary receivers, playing like-- should be playing a bunch of X, whatever.

But Justin Watson's even playing over MBS. I don't even think like MBS is that great of a player, either, of course. But it's bizarre. The Justin Watson thing has really got me tilted. It's very bizarre.

MARVIN ELEQUIN: Yeah, it's definitely worrisome, too, that first, dynasty purposes, obviously, this is very much this week. But for Skyy Moore, someone who was highly touted entering the league, and the fact that he's playing behind some of these guys who we thought wouldn't even have an opportunity this year, is kind of mind boggling. So it's a little worrisome. You can't really trust any of these wide receivers outside of JuJu, in my opinion. That's why it's truly just Travis Kelce, wide receiver one in this offense. And he's the guy that will take fancy managers to the championship.