Justin Champagnie on his miracle, last-second tip-in being called back: 'I thought I had it'

The Raptors and Justin Champagnie thought they'd won it at the buzzer versus the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday before his last-second bucket was called back. The 20-year-old, who is on a two-way deal, breaks down his emotions in that moment and throughout the thrilling, back-and-forth contest with OKC. Follow our Raptors coverage all season long on Yahoo Sports Canada.

Video Transcript

- What does it feel like to seemingly win a game twice? Only to have it like that?

JUSTIN CHAMPAGNIE: It kind of hurt. It really did hurt. Especially the last one. I thought I had it but, you know, you live you learn. On to the next one. Just got to be better at playing hard from the jump. And not like having those moments when we just slack off. So.

- You don't usually guard point guards. What's it like sticking with Shay for that amount of time?

JUSTIN CHAMPAGNIE: I mean, I kind of came into the league, and I kind of just told myself whatever they need me to do, just go do it. Like, you know, it's all about a mindset. You know I'm not the fastest guy. I'm not the most athletic guy. But I have the best mindset in my opinion. You know what I'm saying? I just told myself to just go out there and just what coach said and just stop him from getting the ball.

- Justin, what was it like to be in the game and get up-- it's probably your first real taste of what this out loud [? moment ?] can be?

JUSTIN CHAMPAGNIE: I've been waiting for this moment for a while now. You know, I always have the most confidence in myself of going in and making an impact on the game. And I feel like today I did that at a pretty good level. You know, there's always room for improvement but it was great. To hear the fans going like that. You know, I didn't really think is going to get that loud but it got there. So it was fun. It was definitely fun.

- How tough is it to come in cold like that? You don't play in the first three quarters and then have to go for the full 12 minutes in the fourth. Like in one sense, it's probably something that you're looking forward to. In the other sense, that's got to be a bit challenging, right?

JUSTIN CHAMPAGNIE: I'm ready. I'm always ready. That's one thing I always tell myself. Is just mentally be ready. You know, if you're mentally right everything else will fall into play. So I'm always mentally there and staying locked into the game and ready to go in there and make an impact. I know what I got to do. So I feel like today I got that chance and I did it.

- How important are those 905 reps?

JUSTIN CHAMPAGNIE: I think they're really important. You know, just staying fresh, staying sharp. You know, because these guys-- we don't practice every day. Because you know it's the [? A2 ?] game season. But down there, you know, we go every day. Like I had practiced earlier today. So it's important to me. You know, you got to take that series and then just work on the things that you're going to do up here, down there.

- Are there any nerves on your part in those final moments when you're in the clutch?

JUSTIN CHAMPAGNIE: Oh no, I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm always ready. I'm always-- I always try to stay ready. That's just a mental thing. Just be ready and all the nerves will just flesh out itself.

- Is there any specific tactics or things you're telling yourself to get yourself in that mindset?

JUSTIN CHAMPAGNIE: Go in there and rebound. You know, I feel like if I grab a rebound or I make a good defensive stop, I feel like I'll be ready. I'll be good to go.

- Thanks, everybody. Appreciate it. Thanks Justin.

JUSTIN CHAMPAGNIE: Thanks. All right.

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