Jon Jones: My brother Chandler could be a top MMA fighter

In a snippet of his 1-on-1 interview with Yahoo Sports MMA insider Kevin Iole, the UFC legend explains why his younger brother - Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones - is the strongest athlete he’s ever faced.

Video Transcript

KEVIN IOLE: Let's just run this question by you. Your brother Chandler plays for the Raiders. I'm here in Las Vegas. Now, of course, I am not a Raiders fan. As you can see--


KEVIN IOLE: --all the Steelers stuff back there.

JON JONES: Somebody boo this guy.

KEVIN IOLE: Haha. But who's got the better body, John Jones or Chandler Jones?

JON JONES: Oh. I'm going to give it to Chandler.

KEVIN IOLE: He was moving with that fumble he recovered. He was moving.

JON JONES: Are we talking waist down? What are we talking? What are we talking here?

KEVIN IOLE: Waist up.

JON JONES: Waist up, OK. It's hard to say. It's hard to say. Chandler is a specimen. He's really strong. He's actually the strongest athlete I've ever put my hands on. There was a time we were at a hotel a few years ago, and he was sitting down on a couch. And I came and stood right in front of him, and I put my hands down on his wrists like this.

And I was like, I'm always going to be your big brother. You better remember that. Chandler, while sitting there, he took his wrist, and he goes like this. Look at me in the eyes. And he just almost lifted me off my feet. I had never felt such a strength.

KEVIN IOLE: That's crazy.

JON JONES: Chandler is-- he's a beast, dude. I think he could start MMA this year and by two years from now, be one of the top fighters on the planet. I genuinely believe that.

KEVIN IOLE: He's fighting those 6 foot 8, 300-some pound offensive tackles, so he's grounded.

JON JONES: Moving around them-- moving around them just fine, and moving those guys out of the way, man. He's something special. He does the right things. Eat healthy, gets massages several days a week. You know, Pilates. Chandler is a very private guy, but I'm fortunate enough to see his lifestyle. And he does all the right things.