John Schneider gives his take on latest Blue Jays-Yankees drama, German’s ejection

The Blue Jays and Yankees played another heated game at the Rogers Centre on Tuesday, culminating with New York starter Domingo German being ejected for using sticky stuff. Toronto manager John Schneider gave his take on the situation when he talked to reporters after his team's 6-3 loss.

Video Transcript

- John, it looked like a lot of the conversations continued into the game about the coaches boxes, et cetera. What went into those? How do you feel about it?

JOHN SCHNEIDER: Yeah. I think what happened, Pete was probably more playfully than anything saying I'm watching you, and probably all heard that. But Rojas kind of took exception to it. It's two competitive teams. You're not pleased with the way everything is shaking out the last 24 hours, right? And I think it's just people being competitive, and Rojas responded to how we did, and we responded to how we did.

- John, what was your sense of Hermann early? And when he ended up getting ejected, do you guys have a sense that something might have been up there? Obviously, there's a bit of history there too with him earlier this season.

JOHN SCHNEIDER: Yeah. I mean, it's unfortunate that that happens, you know, I think just for the sport, for the game. And unfortunately, he had good stuff the first time through the order. I think it was 9 up, 9 down. Good curveball, and it's not the first time it's happened, but to each their own.

And I thought we had opportunities to capitalize against their bullpen. Whit had a good at-bat the bases loaded, and probably didn't do as much as we should have in the middle innings there. But as far as that, I'll let Domingo worry about that in the next 10 days.