Jack Campbell has given Leafs reasons to believe

Maple Leafs goaltender Jack Campbell was pulled by Sheldon Keefe during the team's 7-3 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 4 of their first-round playoff series but the Toronto netminder has credit and confidence in the bank from his performances in both the regular season and in Game 3. As such, Keefe is almost certain to back Campbell in Game 5, rather than start rookie Erik Kallgren.

Video Transcript

- Do you think there is any chance Sheldon gets a start in this series? Oh, no, I don't think so. I think-- I think the reason that conversation was happening, that long one between Campbell and-- and Keefe was I think Campbell saying, like, you know, like, hey, I want to stay. I want to battle. I want to keep playing. But Keefe saying, like, you know what? Like, I get that you want to play and I get that you want to-- that you want to keep going.

But, like, we need to make sure that, you know, if this game continues to go south, that you're ready, and that you're solid, and that you're straight for game five. Now, there is some risk to that, for sure. Campbell-- Campbell rides with his confidence, right? And he definitely doesn't feel too good to be pulled in the playoff game. I get that.

But I think-- I think Campbell has given the team a reason to believe in him multiple times. Again, game three, he was solid. He was-- you know, he was great. Um, so I-- I don't see-- I don't see a situation where Sheldon gets a start over Campbell, despite the fact that-- you know, that Sheldon was steady and didn't allow another-- yeah, he didn't allow another goal. The two goals were empty netter, so it wasn't his fault. But he didn't allow another goal.

But, you know, Campbell is your guy, and I think the team has established that for-- for a while now. And again, I think that long conversation was happening because it's like, hey, you know what? Like, I understand you want to go back in, but we want to make sure that, you know, you're good to go, and that you're ready, and that you're set and you're straight for game five. So I think Campbell gets game five and whatever-- whatever other playoff games take-- take place throughout-- you know, throughout the series and moving forward, assuming that takes place, hopefully.

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