What grade does Precious Achiuwa's first half deserve?

Toronto Raptors center Precious Achiuwa was the big acquisition in the Kyle Lowry sign-and-trade with the Miami Heat. The 22-year-old has shown flashes of promise and moments of confusion. Follow Yahoo Sports Canada for all your Toronto Raptors coverage.

Video Transcript

IMMAN ADAN: Oh, so I want to talk about Precious Achiuwa, another second-year player. We just talked about Malachi. Now Precious, first year with the Raptors, second year in the league. What are your thoughts? You have often called him the worst offensive player you've ever seen play basketball. [CHUCKLE]

ASAD ALVI: I feel really bad for that, because like, Precious-- it's just like-- it's like he's legitimately a metronome. Because he'll just go from being like making the greatest play you've ever seen to like making you question if this man has ever been on a basketball court before.

And I think my new understanding of him is I think he might be too athletic for the dimensions of the court. He might, legitimately, just need to play on a bigger basketball court. I think the NBA-- and you know what, Adam Silver? You owe us one. You took away Pascal Siakam's triple double the other day.

I think the Board of Governors-- and I want Larry Tanenbaum to go to them and be like we need to expand the NBA court. We need a wider court-- a little bit longer court. Let Precious Achiuwa, you know, have a court that's built for his athleticism. Because most of the time he's just running too fast or getting to a spot too quickly. And it's like--

IMMAN ADAN: They won't even do that when cameramen are injuring people. They're not doing that.

ASAD ALVI: Yeah, but honestly versus--


ASAD ALVI: It's tough 'cause like defensively he's been great. Like he can switch on to the perimeter and literally guard anybody. You see him guarding Giannis one on one. You see him guarding the smallest guards one on one, sticking with them. And then on offense it's like-- half the time it's like you don't know where to go. You're cutting into people.

There's a play in the Mavericks game where he came inside a pick for Pascal. Pascal went to reject the screen. And before Pascal could even do anything with the screen, Precious slips right in front of it. So we end up with a situation where Pascal has rejected the screen, and since Precious slipped the screen, Precious and Pascal are literally staring at each other. And it's like why are you in front of me? What's going on?

And then, similarly, there's another player where OG gets a mismatch on Tim Hardaway Jr. He's posting him up. Gets him deep in the post. And Precious just decides to cut directly into him for some reason. Those are the questions where you're like--

IMMAN ADAN: Playing great defense.

ASAD ALVI: --you're really questioning--


IMMAN ADAN: His commitment to defense is so good that he's--

ASAD ALVI: Elite defender on both ends. He's literally an All-NBA defender. He's guarding all of the NBA at all times--


--from scoring.


But, yeah, to give Precious a grade I think you can-- I think he has been, legitimately, the definition of a B. Like there's-- the fact that he's able to play so many minutes and defend so well is great. The offense is truly atrocious at times. But then sometimes he clicks and he drops like, what, 17 points in a quarter against Memphis?

And it's like, oh, I see it. And then you always just forget that, oh, he's like 21, 22 years old. He's like one of the youngest guys on the team. Just because he's so big and so muscular, you kind of forget that, oh, he's actually like the youngest guy on the court right now for the Raptors outside of Scottie Barnes.

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