Grab these two first basemen ASAP!

Yahoo Fantasy's Andy Behrens and Dalton Del Don explain why fantasy managers should grab Triston Casas and Vinnie Pasquantino this season.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Andy Behrens here with Yahoo Fantasy, joined by Dalton Del Don. And we are talking about some conviction picks, serious as conviction picks, at first base. Dalton, who do you got?

DALTON DEL DON: Triston Casas on the Red Sox. Fenway Park has increased runs, scoring more than any in the American League and boosted batting average for lefties more than any in baseball over the last three seasons. Casas has raked throughout the minors, he's raking in spring right now, and his 197 batting average last year in Boston was also accompanied by a 120 WRC plus and nearly as many walks as strikeouts. Casas showed up in the, quote, unquote, "best shape of his life" this spring and is even slated to hit leadoff versus righties this season. He won't come this cheap and fantasy leagues for years to come.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, the guy I want to mention, and I'm actually a little bit of a skeptic, is Vinnie Pasquantino. He's a delight, first of all, a wonderful follow on social media. He's a large human being, he can hit for average, respectable power, the guy lives on base. There is a lot to like here, particularly in real life. He's probably going to benefit from the new shift rules, too.

But here is my worry-- Kansas City not the richest run scoring environment. This is a great hitter, but he doesn't necessarily profile as a 35-homer, 40-homer guy. And you need significant power at first base, unless we're getting a batting title contender, and I don't know that he's quite there either. So I think this is a player who's probably going to come in around 70 runs, 75 RBIs, maybe 20, 24 home runs, something like that. That's nice, it's probably not a profile to prioritize.