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Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: Well, the draft we got to talk about is the Eagles. I mean, Howie Roseman-- I was-- you know, you just text, and you constantly get back this response about how it always feels like Howie's playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers and that whole cliche. But let's run down their draft really quick.

Jalen Carter at 9, obviously out of Georgia. Nolan Smith, the edge out of Georgia, at 30. Tyler Steen, the Alabama tackle, at 65. Sydney Brown, the Illinois safety, at 66. Kelee Ringo, the corner out of Georgia, at round 4, pick 105. Tanner McKee, the Stanford quarterback, at 188. And Moro Ojomo, the defensive interior player, at 249.

I think when you look at this draft, it is quintessential-- I mean, the first five picks. You got two line picks, right? Their bread and butter has been offensive/defensive line picks, sinking high assets into these picks. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. But in the long run, it seems to really help them out.

Their three-- actually, their first three picks are all line picks-- one offensive, two defensive. And then you go and you get a safety in the third round and then a corner in the fourth.

I mean, it felt like a great draft. It feels like I don't understand how Howie's always able to do this. But one general manager, I was talking to him early this morning, and he just said, it's availability. He said one of the things that Howie is, for everyone else, is he engages in everything. He wants to be a part of everything. He wants to talk about everything. He wants to talk about every tradable player.

D'Andre Swift they obviously go and get from the Lions for the fifth-round pick-- another Georgia guy. He likes to have 50 irons in the fire. And that, I think, at least in the eyes of this other general manager, is part of what makes him good at what he does because he is constantly poking and prodding and fiddling and trying to constantly find out what everybody else is doing, who's available, what are people talking about.

He's probably the most gossipy general manager in the history of the NFL. And that's saying something because there are some gossipy [BLEEP] general managers in the NFL.

CHARLES MCDONALD: The report that came out where it said that-- I forget who put it out there-- that other GMs are annoyed with the praise that Howie Roseman gets in the media-- but what you described to me is just someone doing their job in this role.

Do your job, guys. Like, you guys are out here complaining about, oh, Howie Roseman gets all the-- well, why didn't you call about D'Andre Swift? Sure he could have helped your football team out. Why didn't you make these savvy trades to move on from a quarterback when you knew that it was time to do that?

Don't say you're complaining because he's doing, like, the bare minimum of what "Madden" players do when they start a franchise. Get your [BLEEP] on the phone and call someone. Stop complaining about this. I couldn't believe when I saw people complaining about Howie Roseman getting praised. The guy built two Super Bowl contenders in a five-year span with two different quarterbacks.