Golden Knights' goalie gang puts fear in the West

The Golden Knights have gone through five goaltenders this season, all of whom surprisingly have winning records, but despite turbulence between the pipes, Vegas stands atop the Pacific Division as a team any Western Conference contender should fear in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Video Transcript

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: I still think you should still fear the Golden Knights. 8 and 2 in their last 10 games on top of division and even though.

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OMAR: Oh my god, yeah.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: Every 25 games they lose a goaltender and they're still a strong team in the division. They lose-- they've gone through, what? Five goaltenders now, and they have not missed a beat in net. Like they've had injuries to Adin Hill, Logan Thompson. They bring in Jonathan Quick and the Golden Knights are still chugging along. It reminds me of 2017, 2018 when Fleury went down and Malcolm Subban came in, and the Golden Knights kept on winning. This is a team like no matter what race, no matter who gets hurt, no matter who this time, Golden Knights still find a way to win.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Who am I missing?

OMAR: Wasn't there an 19-year-old who played that one year? Was it like Maxime?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Was it Maxime Lagacé?



OMAR: There was I remember--


OMAR: Yeah, yeah, yeah. They went down to like their fifth, like a fifth streamer at one point like it's nuts.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: And he almost dunked him. He did all that. That was a 8-2 game Borris [INAUDIBLE] Borris dropped piano on his head that game.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Who am I missing from this year's Golden Knights squad? Because Adin Hill, Lauren Broussard, Jonathan Quick, Logan Thompson. Am I missing anybody else? I feel like I am.

OMAR: No, Hutchinson's in-- Hutchinson?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Michael Hutchinson?


OMAR: Oh, no, no. No he was-- no, he was on Columbus.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: We have the internet, people. Let's figure out how many-- how many goalies have played for the Vegas Golden Knights this year. We have the internet at our disposal. We can legit find this out like right now, but like at least four we can think of.

OMAR: Elevator music. Elevator music. Elevator music. Elevator music.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: So there is in fact five. I don't know if anyone's going to get the five, but.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Jiri Patera. So Logan Thompson, Adin Hill, Jonathan Quick, Jiri Patera, and Lauren Broussard are the five goalies who have all suited up in a Vegas Golden Knights uniform this year.

OMAR: And they all have winning records.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: They all have save percentages over 904.

OMAR: That's insane.



OMAR: How--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: All of their chief AA's are like in the twos.

OMAR: How-- how has no one talked about this. That's insane. They all have winning records.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: They all have winning records.

OMAR: Oh, my gosh. That's crazy.


OMAR: I mean.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Lauren has the 102 record. Doesn't matter. Still, what the hell?


OMAR: Yeah, to be honest like looking at that like based off of like what Avery is saying like no. Maybe Calgary might as well just stay where they are because like if Winnipeg is in trouble. Winnipeg, like that-- that's trouble and then Calgary if you get in, OK. Then say hi to Vegas, like.


Like cool. That's crazy.

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