Giants’ Brian Daboll has revived the careers of Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens discuss Brian Daboll's success helping Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley this year, including how the Giants should be able to recruit a star WR this offseason.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Giants 31, Vikings 24. Scott Pianowski called this the Fraud Bowl. I think that was definitely the case with the Vikings, and that sort of proved out to be. But, man, I don't know. The Giants were-- this was a really, really fun game to watch.

ANDY BEHRENS: Such a fun game.

MATT HARMON: And especially on the Giants' side.

ANDY BEHRENS: Such a fun game. And I get it that it was the Fraud Bowl. But I don't know, we got 14 playoff teams now, and you're just--

MATT HARMON: There's-- yeah.

ANDY BEHRENS: You're going to have four teams that can't win the Super Bowl, right, in any given year.

MATT HARMON: But the fraudiest one was probably the division winner here, which was, of course, the Minnesota Vikings. But--


MATT HARMON: --we certainly don't need that extra playoff team.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, no question about that. But what a fun game. Another signature performance by Daniel Jones. It's not just that he's looking this good and that he's running this well and all that and that he has this command of the offense now and such a comfort level and he gets them out of stuff that isn't going to hit and he puts them into good--

He's made incredible strides as a quarterback. But he's doing it with-- this is just such a Land of Misfit Toys in this receiving corps, right? Richie James has looked good. Hodgins has looked good.

MATT HARMON: Oh, Hodgins--

ANDY BEHRENS: Slayton has had moments.

MATT HARMON: --in this game.

ANDY BEHRENS: But these aren't guys that the rest of the NFL wants, right? This is as bad as it gets, and none of these guys are plan A receivers for the team. And the fact that Jones has been this good so late in the season against quality opponents is just-- it is truly impressive.

And it puts him-- in fantasy terms, it puts him in a very different conversation than he would have been two, three months ago. He's been excellent. There are many paths to upgrade this receiving corps with veterans who can make you better right away. So I trust that they will do that next year. On the Vikings--

MATT HARMON: And now teams, I think just-- sorry to cut you off there.


MATT HARMON: Now I feel like teams will want to come to New York if they can--


MATT HARMON: And not just because, OK, Daniel Jones is there and Daniel Jones has been fantastic. He was just fantastic in this game. I think he had like three attempts or three completions over 15 air yards in this game. They schemed it up really well around-- and, look, the Vikings defense stinks. We got to say that. This defense stinks. It stunk on Sunday. It's stunk all year long. It's been poorly designed, whatever.

But still, Jones did dice them up in the short and intermediate game. But I feel like teams will want to come-- or guys will want to come play with Brian Daboll and these guys in New York because look at the way they've revived Saquon Barkley's career. I mean, Saquon Barkley was fantastic in this game. Look at the way they revived Daniel Jones' career.

And also, as we're talking about head coach hiring season or coordinator hiring season, we can't say enough good things about Brian Daboll and what they did there. Brian Daboll has no ties to Mike Kafka. Brian Daboll has no ties to Wink Martindale.

So often we see, all right, well, I need a coordinator. Let me go Ron Rivera this thing and get somebody from the friends and family program, What's Rob Chudzinski doing? Let me get a friends and family guy in here. Brian Daboll did like the exact opposite of that. He's like, I think what Mike Kafka does with the Chiefs is cool. Let me get a piece of that offense. Wink Martindale, what he does with defense is cool.

So I don't know. They've built such a culture there that I feel like they can probably recruit some big-time receivers potentially come there next year.

ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, it is such a good point. Because you've got creative play calling now, and you've got a quarterback that everybody believes in at this point which, again, crazy. I don't think we would have said that nine months ago. Would we have said that everybody believes in Daniel Jones? But how can you not believe in Daniel Jones now with all that he's done with this receiving corps?

Such a good point. I think they're probably-- and the Bears fan in me wants to say, oh, who wouldn't want to play with Justin Fields? But I think the Giants are a much more attractive--


ANDY BEHRENS: --I'll use the word ecosystem--


ANDY BEHRENS: --than what Chicago is offering right now. That's just a great landing spot for a veteran, ready to win wideout of almost any type. Because they can upgrade everywhere in that receiving corps. Again, shoutout to Hodgins and James, who've played great and well above anything that I think we would have reasonably expected. But these are not stars, exactly.