Gary Trent Jr: Raptors 'all better than last year'

After the Raptors wrapped up training camp in Victoria with a full-squad scrimmage in front of fans, Gary Trent Jr. said that he and his teammates are ready to show what they've been working on during the off-season.

Video Transcript

- Nick was saying the starters had a rougher time of it during the week. But tonight you guys seemed to have your way. No?

GARY TRENT, JR.: That's a question, or a statement?


- OK, I'm sorry.

GARY TRENT, JR.: Go ahead.


- Did the starters have a tough week against the reserves? And was it quite a bit more your way tonight?

GARY TRENT, JR.: A tough week? I would say it was a great week. You know, everybody got better. We pushed one another, took our game to the next level, trying to prepare ourselves to get ready. Came out here to play hard and put on a great show and showcase what we've been working on. That's what we did today.

- In terms of that starting group, did it feel like all the work you guys put in this summer has kind of carried over tonight, like just with the way the ball moved? And you guys seemed to always know where you were.

GARY TRENT, JR.: For sure, you could say that. But you got a testament to last year, too, how we got a gear under our belt. Like you said, we had this summer, have the fall time. So slowly but surely, keep getting at it, keep trying to turn that corner. So [INAUDIBLE].

- Over the week, did any of the young guns, or the guys trying out, stand out, too?

GARY TRENT, JR.: I would say everybody came in extra zealous. You know, it's training camp. Everybody's ready. Everybody's trying to show and prove what they've been working on this summer.

So everybody took a step in some way, shape, or form. And everybody's here to showcase that. So we'll see that as we go along for sure.

- What did you think of Scottie's entrance?

GARY TRENT, JR.: What'd he do?

- [INAUDIBLE] on the floor. And he was, like, doing the WWE thing [INAUDIBLE]?

GARY TRENT, JR.: That's Scottie for ya. He gonna go silly and do the little antics. So that's Scottie. Yeah.

- Do you guys like that?

GARY TRENT, JR.: For sure. He brings energy. He brings an excitement, a joyful spirit about him. So how could you not like that?

- Gary, do any of the young guys, like, pick your brain about shooting, specifically? And when they do, what do you tell them about the guys who are trying to really improve in that aspect of their game?

GARY TRENT, JR.: Really just reps. Just countless reps. Watching film, looking at your release point, seeing that I shoot the ball, and it hit the rim. Obviously, I didn't get enough legs into it, or I was too short. Just studying yourself and studying your game.

- Thanks very much, everybody.

- Thank you, Gary.

GARY TRENT, JR.: Appreciate y'all. Thank you.