Gary Trent Jr. on crazy ending to loss vs. Bucks

Raptors guard Gary Trent Jr. discusses the momentum shift at the end of the 4th quarter, how the Bucks made the game difficult on Toronto and more.

Video Transcript

- OK, have you ever been a part of a game that went down like that, or?

GARY TRENT JR.: Not really. But we've just got fight in us. Continue to go hard, and continue to try to get the win, play hard no matter what the score is, no matter what the time is. And that's the goal we go out there and to try to do.

- If-- to say that, and then to actually do it when you guys are down 16 1:15 left, what's the conversation going on about?

GARY TRENT JR.: The same conversation we have every game, whether we're losing by 100 points, or up by 100. Continue to go hard to the play until the last buzzer. Pick up, and try to get the win, no matter what the game. It just so happened to be 16 and this time.

- What does that actually feel like in the moment? So much adrenaline, you're getting hit below the belt, the crowd's going crazy for the first time. That must be just like an absolute blur.

GARY TRENT JR.: Yeah, in a sense. You really block out all the noise. Really try to focus in, lock in on the details of the game. And what's going on in the moment, you really don't really hear too much of the outside noise. But it does help when the fans are into it, and getting us going, and being loud. It helps us a lot.

- Nick was saying that the Bucks' scheme, more so than others, when you miss shots, you can start to feel the weight of it. Is that something that you felt like when you guys start out 0 for 15, 2 for 30?

GARY TRENT JR.: I won't really say that. Obviously, the players they have on their team. You can't miss shots like that.

The team they have, you've got to knock down shots. You've got to score, you've got to defend. So that's-- obviously, we got off to a slow start. We've got to be better on that.

- Gary, hi. Your team's at home for the next little stretch here. Do you feel like there's any benefits to having a strong homestand in a row where you're able to not have to worry about travel, and things like that?

GARY TRENT JR.: You could say that. Any time you got a chance to play at home, you must defend it. You go out there, and play hard.

This is your home. So go out there, and get the dub. It's a great stretch. You said we got to have. So let's go ahead, and rack up some wins.

- What do you think about the defense you guys had in the first quarter? Obviously, you guys weren't scoring, but still kept it close, because [INAUDIBLE] first two shots still were in the game. What did you think about your guys' defense?

GARY TRENT JR.: It was good. Just a testament to our team, and who we are. The guys we have on the team make a miss. Again, we're going to go out there, and play hard. And try to defend.

We can't let our not making shots affect us on the defensive end, or as vice versa. So we've just got to go ahead. And go out there, and play our games.

- Thanks, Gary.