'It was fun': Andrew Nembhard on win vs. Raptors

Pacers guard Andrew Nembhard discusses getting to play in front of friends and family in Toronto, his late-game three which sealed the win and Kyle Lowry, along with Fred VanVleet, being role models for him growing up.

Video Transcript

- --you actually get on the floor and get the emotion and the adrenaline, I think the whole point was--

ANDREW NEMBHARD: Yeah. It was fun, it was fun, just knowing how many people were out there watching me-- close friends, close family. Just gave me a certain sense of confidence out there for sure.

- How much did it help that all three of you guys started? They put-- moved Oshae into the starting lineup. It seemed like to all of you guys, had an extra thing to it. Did you guys kind of feed off of that for each other? Were you all kind of experiencing that together?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: For sure. I think it means a little bit more, this game, for us three. And actually, I think we-- all three of us scored the first three field goals. So I think it just kind of set the tone for all of us to have confidence. The ball was moving. Good team win all together.

- This seemed like this followed in the pattern of what you've been trying to do in terms of being aggressive, moving the ball and attacking. What did you-- you obviously had kind of a blip on Monday. What did you kind of learn from that one and apply here, and what do you feel like you got back to tonight?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: Yeah, I think Monday, they were doubling a lot of my balls and just trapping a lot of my balls for me, so-- making me pass the ball. I think today, more in a drop coverage. Played two on two. So I was just trying to stay aggressive, look to score the ball, especially early in the game. I knew that was just-- the passes and assists were going to just open up for us. So I just wanted to stay consistent throughout the game.

- Just obviously, the shot with 32.5 left. I mean, just what worked out on that play? Just basically take us through that play and the look you got, and how important it was to hit a shot at that moment.

ANDREW NEMBHARD: Yeah, I knew I had to either get a shot or get into the paint and make a play. So I just-- I was flowing, I was flowing. One of those ones where you're just in the moment and make a play.

- Collectively, obviously, when you guys go from-- had a big first quarter on Monday, had a big first quarter today. Obviously, they come all the way back, but it seemed like you guys did obviously a better job of keeping it together tonight and sort of answering everything they did. Just what do you feel like just went-- that what kept you guys steady [INAUDIBLE]?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: I think we had some solid defensive possessions down the stretch. Didn't necessarily rebound the ball great on the defensive side of the ball, but we were pretty connected on that side and got out in transition. Played well as a team on offense, too. Got the ball moving, got into the paint. So it's really just a team win all together.

- That shot you hit, that set-back 3, where does that match up with the Lakers gamewinner earlier this season?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: I think they're two of my top moments in the league so far. Exciting moments. Good shots. That's all I got to say for that one.

- Was this game slightly circled when the schedule came out, and were you looking at-- was it something some of you have talked to to other people about? Like in the last week, some of the other Canadian guys like Shai and Jamal and Nickeil have been here. Have you talked to anyone at all about playing at home, what it would be like?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: Honestly, no. I think my preparation and everything leading up to the game was just very normal, from a game to game perspective. I felt like it was just another one. So I didn't really feel too much pressure to play out of character tonight. I just wanted to be aggressive. I knew Tyrese was going to be out, so I knew I had to playmake and the ball was going to be in my hands a little bit more.

- Before you got to the league, kind of coming up, Fred and Kyle were obviously the point guards on that championship team. Were those guys point guards you kind of admired and maybe took anything from in your game?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: For sure. Very-- I got a lot of respect for those two guys. They're just winners in every sense. Super competitive, played both sides of the floor. And I got a lot of respect for those two's game for sure.

- Andrew, how important was it just to get off to a good start? I mean, you had a nice assistant there in Myles, I think, and then that little drive. You kind of had some really successful plays early on. How does that help?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: It always helps to kind of see the ball go in the rim early or make a play early. So I definitely think that helped. And the coaching staff before the game was just telling me to stay aggressive, get downhill. So my confidence was definitely high after those first few plays.

- You're a fairly young guy, so you maybe don't appreciate the context, but how normal is for you to see so many guys, peers, guys you either grew up with, kind of looked up to, spread around the league? It wasn't always like this, so how do you kind of interpret that on a night to night basis?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: It's cool, it's cool. It's kind of like there's just a surreal moment. You kind of just-- like, you don't really put too much thought into what it's going to look like or anything, but it's cool to see guys you're playing with in OBAs or whatever it is down the street. Now we're all playing in the league and trying to just keep bettering our careers.

- How often did you come to games here as a kid? How many times-- just how many Raptors games have you seen?

ANDREW NEMBHARD: Probably when I was really young came to one or two a year. Yeah, I probably came to like 10, 15 when I was growing up. But obviously, it's different now.