Fantasy winners and losers after Day 1 of the NFL Draft

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Matt Harmon explains why a pair of quarterbacks were big winners, while a veteran receiver was on the losing end of the first round.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Matt Harmon here. I've got two winners and two losers coming out of round one of the NFL draft. Good day to beat Lamar Jackson, he's my first winner. Obviously, he gets a huge payday before the draft even kicks off. And then the Ravens reaffirmed their commitment to moving their passing game into the modern era by taking Zay Flowers, my second favorite receiver prospect, in the NFL draft. This is a guy who could play all three receiver positions, he can run routes like an animal, I mean, he can win as a big receiver, despite his size.

You see this guy beat press coverage, man coverage, at the collegiate level. I love this guy joining Rashod Bateman and Odell Beckham. I mean, this is an incredible receiver room, way better than anything Lamar has ever dealt with. And hey, again, the salary helps things as well.

Geno Smith, another winner here, because he, the Seattle Seahawks, his team actually took my favorite receiver prospect from this draft, Jaxon Smith-Njigba I mean, my god, what a receiver trio for Seattle there. It's going to be hard to not project Geno Smith to-- despite the fact in fantasy he's not going to be a big time runner, to be a QB1 this year, with DK, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, and Tyler Lockett.

Smith-Njigba is a dominant route runner in the intermediate areas, and could really complement the other two guys as a slot presence. Seattle might have one of the best, if not the very best, wide receiver trio in the NFL if JSN hits the ceiling that I believe he has.

Now on to our losers here. The first one is D'Andre Swift. And listen, the Lions have been trying to tell us with their on-field actions that they don't value D'Andre Swift quite as much as most people on Fantasy Twitter do. They slammed that door shut when they take Jahmyr Gibbs with a top 15 pick way, higher than anyone thought he'd be. Because that's is basically just like a better version of the theoretical idea of what D'Andre Swift is. D'Andre Swift is the guy who might get traded in the next couple of days here.

My other loser is DeAndre Hopkins. I mean, look, this is a guy who was fantasizing about going to play with Buffalo, The Bills, Josh Allen, Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes. And now, Darren Urban reports that Monty Austin, for the GM, says DeAndre Hopkins is a Cardinal and he may well not get traded and play with this team. I don't have to tell you that going from those quarterbacks, dreaming of that, to now playing at least half the season with Colt McCoy. Unfortunately, Hopkins, great player, the Cardinals didn't want to give him away. That doesn't make him a loser.