Fantasy Football: Biggest first-round question marks

These players will come off the board in the first round of your fantasy draft but with enough of a question mark to make you think twice before making the pick.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: I'm Matt Harmon of Yahoo Fantasy, bringing you the three biggest question marks in the first round this year.


First up, we got to talk about Titans running back Derrick Henry. Now, he's one of the most prolific runners in the NFL, was basically dragging you to a championship last year before he got injured midway through the year. I do think we have to ask a few questions here about Henry this year.

Number one, he's getting up there in terms of age. Obviously, the workload is extreme. He's hit those thresholds from a total carry perspective that we usually start to get a little bit nervous about seeing a running back decline. The fact that he got hurt last year also adds to that concern.

I also just generally have worries about the Titans' offense as a whole. I mean, this is a very volatile unit with a rookie receiver replacing AJ Brown, no clear number one threat in the passing game. This is basically just the Titans running it back, doubling down on their Derrick Henry-centered identity. I think there's just a lot of risk there for a guy who's going to go fifth overall in most drafts.


Next up, we have to talk about new Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams. Look, I love Davante Adams, the player. I think he's, no question, the best receiver in football. He gets open at will, great contested catch threat, a YAC guy. And he checks every single box at an extremely high level.

Now, we know he's getting a downgrade at quarterback. There's really no debating that, going from Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr. However, there's a couple other questions here about the Raiders as well. Davante Adams is usually like a 30-plus% target share guy.

He's not gonna hit those marks with Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller. Two guys who, I think, could clear 100 targets themselves. So Davante Adams probably not gonna exceed those high, high end target share numbers he did in Green Bay.

Really if you want to be in on Davante Adams, you have to believe that the Raiders are gonna be one of the most pass heavy teams, super aggressive in terms of their pace of play. I think there's a chance but no lock that type of team. I'm personally a little more comfortable with Davante Adams around the one, two turn, not as a top eight pick in drafts this year.


Last up here, I'll talk about Najee Harris. I think Najee is a good, talented running back. Obviously, handled a ton of work as a rookie. Likely, gonna handle a ton of work this year. I just have some questions about the efficiency of the whole operation.

How explosive is this offense going to be behind an offensive line that basically ranks bottom five in a variety of categories? They didn't do a ton to upgrade that unit this off-season. How much room is Najee Harris gonna have to operate? And we also have to ask questions about the quarterback situation.

I think Ben Roethlisberger being gone it's probably an upgrade for the explosiveness of this overall offense. But nevertheless, we're handing the reins to a rookie and Mitchell Trubisky to battle it out in training camp. I think that leads to Najee Harris being somewhat of a volatile pick in the early part of the first round. Not a guy I feel super comfortable taking, but not a guy I'm all out fading either.