Fantasy Baseball Pickups - Red Hot Hitters!

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Scott Pianowski offers a pair of hitters trending upwards to target on the waiver wire.

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Scott Pianowski, "Yahoo Fantasy Baseball." You need some pickups, I got a couple for you. We've been accused of East Coast bias. We're going West Coast bias today.

Start with Mickey Moniak in Anaheim. Former number one overall pick, mid 20s. I think he's finally starting to catch on some of that pedigree. He's been too good to be true through his first 10 days or so with the Angels. Four homers, a couple steals. He's hitting over .400, his BABIP is through the roof.

There's going to be some correction there. There's a lot of strikeout in his game. He's not actually walking all that much. But the category juice he's going to play, he usually slots lead off. That's the spot to be with the Angels, in front of Trout, in front of Ohtani. I think Moniak is very viable in mixed leagues right now. And he's only 19% rostered, as we go to tape.

Paul DeJong in Saint Louis, this one doesn't really make sense. He's only rostered in about a third of Yahoo leagues, despite a .291 average, eight home runs. He's stolen three bases. He's got four home runs in the last week. He's now a regular part of this Cardinals offense.

And the Cardinals, I know they got off to a horrible start. They've been playing pretty good baseball over the last couple of weeks. And you look at DeJong's resume, he's got a 30-home run season, a 25-home run season. The average will go down. It may even hurt you at the end of the fantasy season.

But he can play every day. I think this is a plus lineup. You're going to get 20 to 25 home runs that plays in the middle infield.