Fantasy Baseball - Look for these starting pitcher value draft picks

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Scott Pianowski, Andy Behrens and Dalton Del Don offer some mid-to-late round starting pitchers that could may off for managers. Sign up the play Fantasy Baseball on Yahoo!

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Starting pitchers are the running backs of fantasy baseball. You're gonna draft some early. You're gonna draft some in the middle rounds. You're gonna draft some late. And we're going to try to give you three players that we think are going to easily beat their current ADP value. Andy, who is a National League pitcher you got your eye on?

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, first of all, I cannot stand taking pitchers in the first hour of a draft, inside the first 10 rounds or so. So I need to find the guys that everybody else is fading. One of those players for me is Freddy Peralta. Peralta is coming off an injury-marred season. I get it. You're worried he only made 17 starts.

He's never reached 150 innings in a year which, OK, that's an issue. Not that anybody's throwing innings these days. But here's the thing about Peralta. His career K per 9 is 11.7. We love that. In Yahoo leagues in particular, you're going to have an innings max, and so it's really about K per 9. It's not necessarily about total strikeouts.

Peralta's WHIP over his last two seasons, it's 0.99. So you're getting, in all likelihood, elite ratios, elite strikeout potential. That is what I'm looking for, particularly late in a draft.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Also tied to a Milwaukee team that should be a contender again. I think all that adds up to Peralta being a good value this year. I'm going to bet on Ross Stripling of the Giants because I want to bet on what the Giants bet on. I want to bet on Sean Manaea as well. Right now, Stripling is going outside the top 200 in Yahoo, well outside. You can get him around pick 236 as this goes to tape.

And he trades the Toronto park for the San Francisco park. It's roomy. There's a good defense there. You may be looking at only 125 or 130 innings, but that's not a big deal in a league where everybody's throwing less. And we may not see that many pitchers even get to 180 innings anymore. So make sure you understand that in context.

Again, if the Giants like him, I want you to like him. Ross Stripling is interesting to me. Dalton, can you give us an American League pitcher who looks good?

DALTON DEL DON: Tyler Glasnow is my starting pitcher who has value now. Other than a healthy Jacob deGrom, Glasnow has the best stuff among all starters in baseball right now. And he's become a fantasy value after suffering an oblique injury. Many were already skeptical of him, but it's not an arm injury, and he was already going to have an innings limit.

I mean, there's a real chance he throws the same 150 innings or so that he was always going to, but now he's five rounds cheaper in fantasy leagues. In fact, Tampa Bay's manager has said Glasnow will no longer be mad at him for pulling the pitcher early in games. So the injury could oddly help his chances at wins this season.

I really think Glasnow could have a similar season as Corbin Burnes two years ago when fantasy managers questioned his workload, only to see him win the Cy Young. Over 160-ish dominant innings. More like Cyler Glasnow, am I right?

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: You certainly can't doubt the head of hair on Glasnow or the stuff. When you watch him when he's healthy, he looks like one of the top-five arm talents in baseball. So get some starting pitcher values, whether it's these guys or players you have on your own cheat sheet. Get over to Yahoo Sports, get some friends together, pummel them into submission, and then put out a championship DVD. That's what Andy Behrens does. We want you playing with us on Yahoo in 2023.