Disappointing weather takes its toll on Gaza wheat

STORY: Disappointing weather is taking its toll on wheat crops in Gaza

Palestinian farmer Itaf Qudeih only harvested a quarter of the wheat she once grew on her land

due to shifting weather patterns and lack of rain

(Itaf Qudeih, farmer) "Last year the rain came a bit early, and the wheat (stalks) were stronger, far better and taller than it is this year. The rain came late (this year), so naturally, it affected the crop and the amount of produce, this land used to produce a ton of grain, it is now making a quarter of a ton because of weaker rainfall."

The Palestinian Agriculture Ministry says the annual wheat harvest has fallen by 1,000 tons from last year

(Mohammad Odah, Representative, Palestinian Agriculture Ministry) "Climate change is one of the phenomena that imposes danger on the agricultural sector in the Strip, especially when it is related to rain and rain-fed crops, like wheat. The lack of steady rain and the small amount on rainy days has affected the amount of produce and its quality, moreover, the amount of produce has declined compared to previous years when it comes to wheat."