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Devin Booker on beef with Raptors mascot

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Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker comments on his issue with the Toronto Raptors mascot while Chris Paul discusses playing in an arena without fans again.

Video Transcript

- The game, Monty was describing it cold, open court. In the bubble, they had the black background, and there was a more cozier feel. How was it though tonight though for both you guys to play in that kind of [INAUDIBLE].

- It was cool. I mean, I think everybody's just trying to adjust. I'm just grateful we actually still get to play the game. You know what I mean? We got out there, it was hard, because we'd been playing all these games with fans and then no fans. But luckily, we played like that last year. We played in the bubble, and for us, we just kept talking about bringing your own energy.

- 21 off-- 22 offensive rebounds they had. At what point y'all like, what the hell's going on here? We got to figure out a way.

- Yeah, you know, that's one of the games you got to put your hard hat on. It was crashing. You know, some of them were self-inflicted, but some of them, we were fighting. We was trying. To give up that many offensive rebounds and still win the game, we'll take it. It is what it is.

- When you have issues with the blow-up doll?

- I wouldn't blow-- it when it was dead or alive. Yes, we hash it out. [INAUDIBLE]. Win the blow up thing was something else. He's alive.

- The real mascot?

- Yeah.

- We cool now though.

- With the free throws in terms of what you were objecting to just in the fanless environment, you're just not used to having anyone back there, right?

- Yeah, I mean, I was trying to get him out the way. It worked. I'd rather be shooting without him down there. We play a shooting game all the time every day. These two do the same thing, and I complained then. So that's just me.

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