David Wise | Beijing 2022 Olympic Profile

The two-time gold medalist talks about preparing for his third Olympics, potentially winning his third gold medal and innovating/testing his limits on the slopes.

Video Transcript


DAVID WISE: Going into my third Olympics I'm getting a lot of questions about, "Oh, what's it going to mean to you to potentially win your third gold medal?" Or "How much pressure do you feel to win again?"

And the reality for me is I'm still in a state in my career where I'm trying to find what the limits are for what I can do on a pair of skis. And it's not necessarily about comparing myself to my peers and my competitors. It's more about what can I do with the body I was given and how far can I take this? I've been having a lot of fun trying to innovate and do things differently than I have in the past, but still with the same level of progression.

We all come from a team of people who do all kinds of things for us. We have physios that travel with us. Coaches that are constantly on the road with us away from their families, and ski techs. And there's tons of sacrifice behind each athlete that gets to go out there and represent us for Team USA.

But nobody makes more sacrifice, I think, than my family. Because my wife is missing a husband most of the year and my kids are missing their dad most of the time. I miss out on birthdays. I miss out on important days and soccer games and all kinds of important things. In one way, it's a motivation for me to really ski at the very best I can when I'm out here and not slack off. But on the other hand, it's really cool to be able to experience this part of my career with my family and have them be able to come along for the ride when they can and always knowing that they're supporting me.