Could the Cowboys be this year's Broncos? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports writers Matt Harmon and Frank Schwab examine the Dallas Cowboys' offseason and determine if it things could go wrong in the 2023 season.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: I like a lot of what Dallas did on paper this year. They trade for Stephon Gilmore, bargain. They trade for Brandin Cooks, bargain. But those guys are veterans. I think CeeDee Lamb is a superstar receiver. He's in that tier now. I think Michael Gallup is going to bounce back from the ACL-ruined season last year. I think Tony Pollard is going to be a very good player.

But again, maybe Gallup doesn't bounce back, like we talked about with Courtland Sutton. Tony Pollard, maybe he's not really ready to be a full-time feature back. And they've got Ronald Jones and Deuce Vaughn behind him. I think they need another dimension there in their run game.

And oh, by the way, as much as we like Dan Quinn and the defense, Mike McCarthy is calling the plays. Mike McCarthy is calling the plays. That is like a-- any time you want to get too, too excited about the Dallas Cowboys-- where are we at with Mike McCarthy and where he is in this whole thing? So I think there are certainly real concerns about the Cowboys, even though on paper, man, this is a really good roster and should be a very good team.

FRANK SCHWAB: I just have to be maybe a little contrarian here. I don't think the Cowboys should be on this list. I don't think there's really any chance that they're a disaster this year, outside of Dak getting hurt week 1. But even that happened last year, and they were fine, right? This is a good, solid team. I think that the only reason I really worry is I think Kellen Moore's a much better playcaller than Mike McCarthy. That's it.

But I still think Mike McCarthy gets-- he gets hounded a little bit too much. If you really, truly look at his record, it's good. He has been good. Everybody loves criticizing him for some reason, and that's fine. But he's better than he gets credit for. So I don't even think that's really setting off that many alarm bells for me. I think this Cowboys team is just good.

The other thing I did want to mention, they've had a great turnover rate on defense the last couple of years. That is not something that usually carries over. It hasn't for two years in a row, so maybe it just won't. Maybe this is just a big-play defense, and it keeps going.

MATT HARMON: I think they could go 9 and 8 or 8 and 9, something like that. But that still wouldn't qualify them really. I agree with you that the talent is too good for them to completely bottom out, even if Mike McCarthy is a stone-cold disaster. So none of us want to push them forward to the finalist group here. So yeah, the Cowboys are safe. They are not this year's Denver Broncos.