Chris Boucher's best Raptors dunks of the season

On the latest episode of Hustle Play, Chris Boucher mentions the dunks that are above the rest in the 2022-23 Raptors season. Listen to the full segment on the podcast feed or watch on our YouTube.

Video Transcript

- You had a nice reaction to OG's putback dunk.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That was crazy. That was crazy.

- Where would you put that for Raptors dunks this season?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I don't know, 'cause Scottie's dunk on Vucevic was insane.

- That was bad.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That one-handed, and he just--

- Yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Oh, that was crazy. That one got me off my seat, too.

- Continues to go to work. With the move and the throwdown! Vicious! Scottie B. had enough!

CHRIS BOUCHER: I feel like this one was a big one. OG on DeMar, that got a reaction out of me, too.

- Mm-hmm.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I remember a lot of dunks, to be honest with you. Jakob on Shai, that just happened.

- Yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That was another one.

- That one was crazy.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That one was crazy, too.

- Yeah.


- Chris, what did you think of Serge Ibaka's album, if you listened to it? Also, have you ever thought about creating and releasing some music, or even making a playlist for the fans? That's from AC No Winter.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I didn't hear his whole album, but I heard some of it. It's pretty good. I mean, I like Afrobeat, so that's good.

Would I do music? No. Would I be a great playlist maker? Yes.

- Would you ever DJ?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I think I could. I think I would be better at radio because I feel like I could just play the song that people like more than doing a playlist. Because I might just get [? over-- ?] and now, it's just going to be music that you don't like.