Chris Boucher hates (and loves) watching Canadians dominate the Raptors

On the latest episode of Hustle Play, Chris Boucher discusses the recent trend of Canadian players coming to Toronto and having career nights. Listen to the full segment on the podcast feed or watch on our YouTube.

Video Transcript

MIKE ROACH: Let me ask you one more question here. Do you have any favorite workouts/basketball drills?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I like shooting 3's. That's the best thing.

MIKE ROACH: Pretty self-explanatory there.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. That's fun.

MIKE ROACH: Can't even knock you for that one.


MIKE ROACH: And another thing. Like, how much do you find Canadian players raise their level--

CHRIS BOUCHER: Oh, it's amazing.

MIKE ROACH: --when they come play in Toronto?

CHRIS BOUCHER: It's amazing, huh? I don't like it because they beat us. But like, they literally-- you would think that they come home, and they'd be, like, stressed and anxiety and whatever. No, man. They just come here and kill us every time. But I'm just happy that they're Canadians because it just shows how far we came and how good we are. And Team Canada's gonna be a great team this year.

MIKE ROACH: They are gonna be amazing. And let's see. One more here. Lightest tech Chris has ever received?

CHRIS BOUCHER: None of my techs were light. They all deserve it, either yelling at somebody or yelling at the ref or both. So--

MIKE ROACH: So you cuss people out out there.

CHRIS BOUCHER: No. I just-- I get really into the game and like-- did you see the foul yesterday? I got pushed in my back. Like, I went for a run. They pushed me. I was gonna get a tech there. And I was gonna go crazy on it. But then after that, like, Fred did his job. After Fred did the whole referee thing and I saw how much money they took, I don't know if I want to be part of that.

MIKE ROACH: I hear that. Amit, is there any more questions we have from fans that I might have missed?

- Yeah, by the way--

MIKE ROACH: 53%? So you were right. You're right. He's on it.

- 53.5%.

MIKE ROACH: CB, once again, always appreciate you, brother.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Thank you, man.

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CHRIS BOUCHER: Did you hear, E? 53, 38.

- Here's Boucher.


The 3. Got it. From Montreal, his name is Chris Boucher.