Chase Brown is a great fit in the Bengals backfield | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon is joined by Rookie Scouting Portfolio creator Matt Waldman to discuss the fit of former Illinois running back Chase Brown in the Cincinnati Bengals backfield amid speculation about Joe Mixon’s future with the team.

Video Transcript


- At four, I'm going to go with Chase Brown because a guy who's probably on his way out is Joe Mixon and it's just multiple issues off the field that are related, in a sense, the fact that it's violence or threats of violence against women. So if Mixon is indeed on his way out, there's Trayveon Williams. And basically that's it before Brown.

And Trayveon Williams, when I study backs, one of the things I look for is contact balance. Can you win at least an indirect collision with a linebacker heading downhill through a crease? And I track this stuff. And Trayveon Williams did not-- he failed that category.

So unless he's improved, Chase Brown to me has been able to do that. He's got great acceleration, he does run hard. He's a versatile enough back. He's going to get a shot. And that's an offensive line and a passing game that's strong enough that he's going to get some strong opportunities. So he may not be one of the most talented backs on my board, but his fit and his talent combined to that make him one of the best fits from this past draft.

- Yeah. I like this Chase Brown pick here because there's just-- you're never going to get stacked boxes as a Cincinnati Bengals running back. They're always going to be thinking about, how do we defend? They put you in so many binds as a passing offense, the last thing you're thinking about is, all right, well let me also worry about the running game. So if you get a guy that's just can handle a ton of work and can get what's there, and maybe as he learns along the way, how to add a little extra to it, I think he could be an interesting fit there.

- Yeah, if you take-- look at Samaje Perine last year, who would never be classified as a speedster. He's more of your granddad's tractor out in the field. But at the same time, the light boxes that he would often face, if you give him just some momentum downhill, forget about it because he's just going to crush you.

- Yeah.

- And you could see that he had a lot of chain moving runs last year in relief of that. And Chase Brown is no tractor. If he is, he's got a jetpack strapped onto the back of that thing.