CeeDee Lamb is confident in Mike McCarthy as the Cowboys’ play caller

Dallas Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb spoke to Matt Harmon on Radio Row at Super Bowl LVII about his season, his expectation for teammate Michael Gallup next season, and his confidence in coach Mike McCarthy calling players for the offense next season. CeeDee joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Old Spice - find out more at oldspice.com.

Video Transcript



MATT HARMON: All right. Matt Harmon here. Happy to be joined by Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. How's it going, man?

CEEDEE LAMB: All well, man. Busy morning, but we're loving it.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I was going to say, you've been doing a lot of these so far?

CEEDEE LAMB: Absolutely. Absolutely.

MATT HARMON: What's the one question you've been getting that you're sick of being asked so I don't ask it to you?

CEEDEE LAMB: Top five receivers in the league.

MATT HARMON: Really? You don't care about that?

CEEDEE LAMB: Nah, not necessarily.


MATT HARMON: I understand why. A couple other guys have said, quarterback questions, which you don't have to really answer or think about, game picks. I like to know what you guys don't want to talk about before you jump on here.

CEEDEE LAMB: Yeah, no, I appreciate that. I appreciate that.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I don't want to ask you any bad questions. Mike McCarthy, taking over the playcalling duties. Kellen Moore, he's moving on to the Chargers. What do you expect out of that transition?

CEEDEE LAMB: Well, honestly, I don't know what to expect, but I'm very excited. You look at what he's done. He was calling a couple plays out in Green Bay. So it's nothing new to him. He's been in this position, and he knows what he's doing. And we trust every bit of it. And I can't wait to see, next year.

MATT HARMON: Michael Gallup's a guy who-- I got a lot of friends that are Cowboys fans. They're like, oh, Michael Gallup's contract, he didn't play up to this year that whole thing. What was he like this year? Because I think people forget, like, we're just now I think one--

CEEDEE LAMB: It's that injury.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, we're just one year off him having ACL surgery.

CEEDEE LAMB: We just hit the one-year mark. So like--

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I think it was today.

CEEDEE LAMB: Yeah. Yeah, actually. And so just understanding that my man's been playing through a lot of energy-- I mean, a lot of hurt, injuries. Granted, yeah, he was prepared to play. He still made a couple plays. You'll get a couple MG plays--

MATT HARMON: Oh, sure, yeah.

CEEDEE LAMB: --crazy catches, circus catches, hard catches-- competitive. But you never know what anyone's going through until you really just ask them, or you never know. And I just found out that he had another surgery on his knee and ankle again this last season.

MATT HARMON: Oh, really? Yeah, I didn't know that.

CEEDEE LAMB: Yeah, it was something on the internet that said that. I didn't even ask my man. But that's what I heard. So I'm going to text him after this to actually-- because now that you got me questioning myself, I'm going to text him after this interview.

I don't want to put no bad news out there. So if he's not hurt, then I don't know if he's actually hurt. But that's just something I saw.

MATT HARMON: So a maybe. It's a possible.

CEEDEE LAMB: Big maybe.

MATT HARMON: Big maybe.

CEEDEE LAMB: But that's something that I saw. Yeah, he had knee and ankle-- a knee and ankle surgery. And I'm like, what do you want?

MATT HARMON: You're here on behalf of Old Spice. Tell me what you got going on with them.

CEEDEE LAMB: Old Spice is big on Swagger. They have this new blend, of course, to really just boost your confidence and keep you kind of smelling fresh for a longer-lasting period of time, of course. And Old Spice do a great job.

They have this new Swagger blend-- 24 hours, long-lasting freshness. So if you need anything to keep you feeling good, feeling fresh, and keep your swag up, go hit up Old Spice.

MATT HARMON: There you go, especially on game day. I mean--


MATT HARMON: --you got to be feeling your best going into it.

CEEDEE LAMB: It's three hours.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, that's a long time.

CEEDEE LAMB: Exactly. Exactly. And you don't really want to be focusing on getting a little whiff of you being a little musty so--

MATT HARMON: Well, I mean, I guess if you're a receiver, you're trying not to be covered. You want people to stay away from you. Maybe it--

CEEDEE LAMB: That's the cheat code.