C.J. Miles on the craziest place a player learned he was traded

On the latest episode of "Strictly Hoops," C.J. Miles reveals the oddest place he saw a player find out he got dealt at the NBA trade deadline. Listen to the full episode on the 'Raptors Over Everything' podcast feed or watch on YouTube.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: Has there been a occasion on deadline where someone got traded at a really odd time, within a concept of a day? You have your day-to-day activities, and trade deadline, which everyone's already glued to their phone anyways. But has it been like, whoa, this happened here? That's odd. Weird. Strange.

CJ MILES: I told you-- did I tell the story on this podcast about somebody getting traded on a plane as it was taking off?


CJ MILES: They stopped the plane, and got his bags from under the plane, and got him off the plane. We were literally on the runway taking-- we had been told-- the seatbelt noise had went off, going. It's the crazy thing. I'm in Utah. I'm not going to say the name. I don't want to-- but I'm in Utah. And Jerry Sloan is the only person on these flights, we fly the private flights, that turns his phone off. So he don't know that the guy gets traded. So we get to the--


CJ MILES: He don't know that the guy is gone. Yeah, so literally. Because it was crazy. Because we'll make the joke. We be like, ah, I just got traded. People are like making-- when the deadline go and it's already over, or everybody like, all right. Y'all can take a breath now. It's over. Let me joke about it. And then my guy got up and started dabbing people up. We was like, bro, sit down. We was all making jokes about it. He's like, no. I'm out of here. We was like, no way.

AMIT MANN: The seatbelt light is on.

CJ MILES: Yeah, it's like, no way. The plane's moving. We're like, sit down. Like, nah. Dapping everybody up. I'm like, what? And then sure enough, somebody come from the back, they go to the door, they stop the plane, you get off the plane, they get the bags off, we out. Wild.


CJ MILES: The wildest one. Because this is before stuff was breaking on Twitter. It wasn't--

AMIT MANN: Yeah. Yeah.

CJ MILES: It wasn't happening that fast.