C.J. Miles on the biggest pranks he's seen in the NBA

On the latest episode of "Strictly Hoops," C.J. Miles discusses the pranks he's witnessed in the NBA. Listen to the full episode on the "Raptors Over Everything" podcast feed.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: Biggest prank or prankster on any team you have played for. That's from Andrew Livingston.

CJ MILES: I can't remember, like, any big stuff, because, you know, a lot of stuff they started phasing out because we got to the point where there was too many cameras around and stuff.


You can't like-- you know what I mean?

AMIT MANN: Open gym, for instance.

CJ MILES: Now there's a sensitivity thing, you know?


CJ MILES: Not saying there was crazy stuff going on, but you didn't want it to look like bullying, or hazing, and stuff like that, like, that type of thing. And you don't-- you got to be a little bit more sensitive to, like, you know, how those guys feel, so--


CJ MILES: I can't really think of anything crazy. It was just-- it was minor stuff. You know, lotion in socks, like-- [LAUGHS] you know what I mean? Like stuff like-- or something in their shoe, or hiding something. Hiding the jersey, hot mess, like, nothing crazy. I had a few guys, like-- when I was young-- when I was in Utah, we used to-- we just all messed with each other. Like, we were a younger group. Like--

AMIT MANN: Right, right.

CJ MILES: We'd call Ronnie Darren Ronnie Price. Like, we just-- you know what I mean? So it's hard to really count that as a prankster because we were kids. Like, we did what kids did. Like, we messed with each other.


But that all would be the normal stuff. You mess with the rookies a little bit, popcorn in their cars.

AMIT MANN: Norman Powell, Patrick Patterson.

CJ MILES: Put popcorn in-- put popcorn in Dion Waiters car, and there was popcorn coming out of the vents like a week later.

AMIT MANN: Oh, man.

CJ MILES: Yeah. It's pretty [INAUDIBLE].

AMIT MANN: That could mess up his car.


CJ MILES: But hey, you know?