Bruins NHL's best team, and they know it

By adding defenceman Dmitry Orlov before the NHL trade deadline, the league's best Boston Bruins just got better. The Bruins lead the NHL's next best team by double digits and are looking like Stanley Cup favourites. The worst part for their rivals is they know it, and have the confidence to match.

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I should mention the Bruins and Dmitry Orlov. And they still look really good. They might not even need to do that much before the deadline.

ARUN SRINIVASAN: It's like what do you get your friend who has everything? You get them another--


ARUN SRINIVASAN: [INAUDIBLE] You know what, I thought Bruins [INAUDIBLE] The first thing I thought was Hampus Lindholm and Brandon Carlo. I talked to them this year when they were in town. And they both just sort of were like, our team is really good because we have mobile defensemen who enter the rush. And they trust us to get chances.

They were the most confident team I've ever seen. They just walked in, like, 'sup? We know we're good. They came in, beat the hell out of the Leafs, and left. Then they got another mobile defenseman for nothing. That might go down as the most underrated deal of the deadline just because the Bruins are so good. And people are sort of just like, well, of course they got another good player.

But getting Dmitry Orlov for nothing is just like-- it makes the NHL's best team a lot better. And it may go under the radar just because how Boston has been so good already. Frustrating, man. Frustrating, especially if you want to see-- if you want to see another team get out of that division. But, yeah, great move.

OMAR: Yeah, I didn't think they had the cap or they had the assets to significantly add at the deadline. So believe me when I tell you, the "no" from me was loud. Because, yeah, it's just like-- it's a team that even if they didn't do anything, there's still a force going into the playoffs. And now they-- Boston has this crazy way of just finding players that just complement their frickin' organization so frickin' well. So like--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Tell them how you really feel.

OMAR: --Dmitry Orlov and Hathaway, man. Yeah.

ARUN SRINIVASAN: There's not part of it, too, man. They were linked to Gavrikov for so long, and Orlov is a much better player. So it's like, come on.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, shoutout Columbus for thinking that people would bite on a defenseman in exchange for a first, a third, and a fourth, like so many picks.

OMAR: Kekalainen goofed, man.


OMAR: And they're going to have to-- because that was the talk. They were like, they don't want to trade him. Well, now you don't have to. Because everyone already did their business. It's fine. Keep him.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, it looks like the only thing that could stop the Boston Bruins is due diligence.


OMAR: That sucks.

SAM CHANG: The Bruins barely beat the Canucks.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Wait, sorry. What was that?

SAM CHANG: The Bruins barely beat the Canucks two days ago.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: They needed a Linus Ullmark goalie goal.

ARUN SRINIVASAN: Yeah, that was sick.

OMAR: That was cool.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: That was pretty sick.

OMAR: That was cool.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: You got to give it that. We got to shout out Linus Ullmark, or Linus Goalmark as he's been nicknamed now.