Bruins headline midseason NHL awards

At the midway point of the 2022-23 NHL season, the Boston Bruins lead the list of Stanley Cup contenders with 68 points through 40 games. Remarkably, the Bruins are still icing multiple players from their 2011 championship team.

Video Transcript

SAM CHANG: The Bruins are still icing players from their 2011 cup run, cup team. Same core players. Since 2011, they have gone 464-226-94, and they have missed the playoffs twice. In that same period, the Canucks are 352-339-92--


JULIAN MCKENZIE: I was waiting for it.

SAM CHANG: And they have missed the playoffs seven times. The Canucks have missed the playoffs seven times since 2011. They suck, and I'm still watching that same goddamn Bruins team winning. What kind of nightmare is this?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Can you give us the Canucks record one more time? I think we all kind of laughed at the same time. I'm sorry. Can you give us the Canucks record one more time so we hear it? Not to make you suffer.

SAM CHANG: It's actually a winning record, which I had to do the math three times because I was like, this is wrong. They're too bad for this to be a winning record. But they are 352-339-92, but that's on the shoulders of the fact that in 2012, they were still contending for the Presidents Cup. I can't remember they actually won it, but they actually had a great season. And because of that one season--

OMAR: I think Boston

SAM CHANG: --they have a winning record.

OMAR: Yeah. I think Boston won that year.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: The President's Trophy in 2012? Who won in 2012?

OMAR: It was the-- I think it was-- was it the shortened season where--

SAM CHANG: I'm going to look it up.

OMAR: It was either Boston or Chicago--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: The shortened season was 2012-2013.

OMAR: Yes. Sorry, my bad.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: 2011-2012. That was my first year of [? CGEP. ?] Who won in 2012?

OMAR: 2011-2012.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Was that LA? Was that LA's first cup?

OMAR: No LA-- LA got it, and they got in the eighth seed. I wonder if it was-- I wonder if it was like a San Jose year.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: No, 2012 was Vancouver. Yeah. 2012 Vancouver.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: So Vancouver won the President's Trophy that year.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Wait, who won the cup that year? Why am I--


JULIAN MCKENZIE: So it was-- so, yeah. I was right. So it is the Kings that year, they came in as an eight seed. Oof, yes.

SAM CHANG: But, yeah. It's been 12 years, and I'm still watching the same team that eliminated us from the cup come in at number one, while the Canucks have just sucked for the last decade.

OMAR: Man.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Do you want a hug, Sam?

OMAR: I think I have to stop complaining with the Leafs.

SAM CHANG: No, it drives me insane that what they did was hire like all the execs from that Bruins team that beat them. And it's like, why? Why?

OMAR: Because they did it, so we bring them on so we could do it.

SAM CHANG: Yeah. Well then what you should have done was trade for-- trade for Gregory Campbell. That would have given you a better shot than hiring Jim Benning.