Bruce Boudreau should walk away from Vancouver

In a strange press conference, Canucks President of Hockey Operations Jim Rutherford refused to give head coach Bruce Boudreau his full support. Following months of instability and rumours, Boudreau should consider quitting his post before an inevitable firing.

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: By the way I'm sure you all want a Bruce Boudreau update because that man has been slandered through the mud since day one of this regular season. Jim Rutherford, all I can say, and I'm reading this off of Harmon's tweet, all I can say is Bruce is our coach right now. Rutherford says he's had contact with other potential coaching candidates going back as far as a couple of months ago.

Imagine you going through a divorce and like, you know, you're actively hearing your partner, who's trying to divorce from you, like is starting to go on dates with other people. Like before the divorce is even finalized.

OMAR: Man, Bruce should quit. I'm not even kidding. Quit. Leave. We already know who's replacing him, it's not a secret. Oh yeah, Bruce is our guy. But we also know who is replacing him and who's going to assist I saw Sergei Gonchar just barely being added to the bench. Like--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Sergei Gonchar?


OMAR: Fricking-- We-- like-- fire him now. Fire him now, please! Like--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Put him out of his misery.

OMAR: Oh my God!

SAM CHANG: I have had so many Canucks fans be like, well you know Boudreau is making millions of dollars, it comes with the territory. All NHL coaches get fired. There are only 32 positions. It's priviledged. Like, it just comes with the territory.

It does not come with the territory to the degree that the Canucks have done it. Like, I agree, media speculation about coaching happens. But the way that he has been treated this season, between Rutherford publicly questioning him constantly and now the leaks about the Canucks wanting to hire Rick Tocchet in a few weeks and Bruce being a sitting duck.

It's not just a Canucks media thing anymore. This is now-- Russian Machine Never Breaks wrote an entire article on how the Canucks are doing Bruce dirty. Frank Seravalli is tweeting about it. It is now a national story, how the Canucks are treating Bruce Boudreau.

That's not-- that's not the regular level of media speculation, like that says something about your organization. That national media and media that covers other teams are writing about how poorly you are treating Bruce Boudreau. And I don't care if he makes millions of dollars. Like just because you're paying someone it doesn't mean you should treat them like that.