Brown Bear Learns How to Be a Goalie

A Syrian brown bear residing at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, proved to be a talented goal keeper, as shown in a video uploaded to YouTube on May 20.

Amy, the 17-year-old Syrian brown bear, is filmed repeatedly receiving a large ball rolling in her direction, much like how a goal keeper would defend a goal.

Founded by Jim Kowalczik, Susan Kowalczik, and Kerry Clair in 2015, the Orphaned Wildlife Center, in Otisville, New York, nurtures its animal residents, in the hope they can be returned to the wild.

The center often shares videos and updates about the animals in its care to the centre’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Credit: Orphaned Wildlife Center via Storyful

Video Transcript


Ready? Here it comes. How was that? Want to do it again? [INAUDIBLE]

I want that ball. I like that ball. [INAUDIBLE] OK? [INAUDIBLE] that ball. I want this ball. Now [INAUDIBLE] that ball. [INAUDIBLE] that ball. [INAUDIBLE]



Got it? Get [INAUDIBLE].

Lot of effort went into that, didn't it, Jennifer? There was a lot of effort into getting that ball, wasn't there, hmm? What? I'll get you. I want to get you. We're going to crash. Don't push on that leg.


[INAUDIBLE] noses.

Hi, Amy. Everybody doing good? Everybody doing good today. Everybody needs a little massage.