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Brady Tkachuk sounds off on 'brickhead' Brendan Lemieux

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Justin Cuthbert and Julian McKenzie discuss the scathing comments Tkachuk aimed at Lemieux after an incident between the two ended in a bite.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: The Lemieux and Tkachuk pretty funny, because Brady Tkachuk went on a complete rant, after the game, in the penalty box. Was hilarious, his reaction. But his quote was amazing. And why no video? Like, what's going on? No one was in the dressing room after, except one reporter. Like, we got the audio, but we didn't get any video.

It would have been hilarious, because you read the quote and you're like, OK. What tone? How did he say this? Like, this is so fascinating, right. But there is audio of it and I listened to it this morning. And I couldn't believe how, like, level-headed he was, he was just very calm at saying these things. And I just want to highlight a few.

He called Lemieux a complete bridgehead, which is an amazing comment, and that he's got nothing up there. So, again, Brady Tkachuk hilarious. But he's saying this so calmly and so matter of factly, calling him a brickhead. But he also said, bad guy, bad player.

How succinctly can you-- maybe not offend, but, like, that's the most succinct way to call a hockey players character into question, bad guy, bad player. That's all you got to say. You're a bad guy, bad player, that's the first way to get under the skin or to get at a hockey player and their, I guess, ego.

And then he also said he's going to keep begging to be in the NHL, which almost tells me that he knows something. Like, Lemieux's like a fringe guy, who maybe gets helped along. Whether it's his agency keeping him, the league, or something like that. I feel like Brady's got some insight onto this player. And, remember, this is the guy who's got the podcast with Tony DeAngelo.

Like, bad guy, bad player, bad point of view, pretty much everything. You can check it off with Brendan Lemieux, who got exposed in a certain way by Brady Tkachuk, after, you know, biting. I mean, you're telling on yourself if you bite anyone, but Brady went in on him pretty good.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Like, yes. He really did. But here's my whole thing, like, just watching-- seeing Brady, after the fact, point at his hand with the bite marks, and seeing the comments I don't even think we need to-- like, I think just focusing on the on ice hockey stuff isn't even enough, when we have to talk about Brendan Lemieux.

We have a thing in Caribbean culture, a term called [? [NON-ENGLISH], ?] where, you know, it's like home training. Like, I know first hand, from my family and growing up there, I don't need to go around biting people. I'm sure in your house growing up you don't need to know that. Like, Brady made the point, that even little kids don't do that.

So why are you, a grown man, going around biting people to make your point, that you're tougher than another guy. That's beyond, like, hockey antics. That is bad home training. Whoever taught you to do that, I have questions, seriously. I don't know if we need to call, like, CPS.

But, like, I have questions about how you were raised to get to a point where you're getting bit, you're biting people, as a grown man. I have genuine questions about that. And I see that he'll have an in-person hearing with the National Hockey League, that was announced this morning. I hope the National Hockey League disciplines this dude, because this is gross.

It's absolutely gross and disgusting. Like, I hope-- I don't want-- I mean, I don't to go and like throw the book at him, but like--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: He's going to get at least five games, in person.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Come on. Come on. Like, for biting somebody--


JULIAN MCKENZIE: --seriously.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: The NHL must have got better video, because like I'm watching the video. I assume what happened, I don't think Brady Tkachuk's making this up, he's actually like one of the-- not one of the few, but like I take Brady Tkachuk at his word, like there's just-- I feel like he's earned that.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: His hand. You--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: But I didn't see it.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: --mark on his hand.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: You do see a mark on his hand, but I didn't see the actual bite. But I think the NHL must have had some sort of view, where they actually saw teeth on Brady Tkachuk hand. Because they are not wasting any time, 5 game suspension minimum for this. And if you are biting someone you deserve to-- yeah, you deserve, actually, to get the book thrown at you, a little bit.

Because that is one of the more off side things, in terms of like on ice disciplinary conduct.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Isn't he not vaccinated either?

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I think he did, because I think we got down to one player, right, Bertuzzi--


JUSTIN CUTHBERT: --with Blackwood?



JULIAN MCKENZIE: --if he wasn't-- because if he wasn't, then that is a whole other thing in itself, as far as I'm concerned. If he's not vaccinated he's doing that, that is oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah, that's--


JULIAN MCKENZIE: --disgusting.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: --Brady is saying that he's begging to be in the NHL. If he decided not to get vaccinated--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, after--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: --the excuse to get rid of him would have been so easy. He'd be on-- who was the guy from the Islanders? Bode Wilde, who was on the first flight to Sweden after--


--like he would be on the first flight to Europe if he decided not to get vaccinated, even though we can probably assume that it was against his world views.

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