Boucher well aware of Koloko's rookie treatment from refs

On the latest episode of "Hustle Play with Chris Boucher", Boucher details his advice to Christian Koloko on dealing with an unfriendly whistle from officials. The full episode can be watched on our YouTube channel or listened to on the Hustle Play podcast feed.

Video Transcript

- Slumps-- like, what advice would you give to Christian when it comes to slumps? Because it seems like it can affect people--

CHRIS BOUCHER: Dunk the ball.

- --mentally.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Dunk the ball. You're seven foot. Dunk the ball. You can dunk everything. When we're in practice and all that, and I was trying to block stuff, you just dunking it. Keep dunking. At this point, like, seven foot, you can move well, you move your feet and all that, like--

And guess what, man? These referees, they're not going to give you the calls.

CHRISTIAN KOLOKO: Yeah, I don't know--

CHRIS BOUCHER: They're not. Like, I see him. He get hacked. Trust me, I see it. I see it from the bench. I see when I'm in there. I hear it when I'm in there. They're not going to call it, you know what I'm saying? You can look at them as much as you want. They're not going to call it. But dunking? If you get the and one, you get the and one.

- That seems like pretty solid advice.

CHRISTIAN KOLOKO: Yeah, for sure, for sure. He be telling me that a lot--

CHRIS BOUCHER: Every time.

CHRISTIAN KOLOKO: --every time. He's just like, man, just go out there and dunk it.


CHRISTIAN KOLOKO: Like, if you actually dunk it, they might call a foul if you dunk it. But sometimes, I just be going-- like, going up soft. And they're not going to call it if you go up soft.

CHRIS BOUCHER: And they know that, too. They hit him. Like, they really foul him. Like, to be honest with you, like a lot of rolls that he gets, like, there's no way that he goes like this, and you don't see anything but arms. And then-- and you don't call it. Like--