Boucher: Draymond Green is one of the NBA's best trash talkers

On the latest Hustle Play, Chris Boucher discusses Draymond Green's style of play, his authentic approach to podcasting and why he's an elite trash talker. Watch the full episode on our Yahoo Sports Canada YouTube channel or listen on the podcast feed.

Video Transcript

- Have you been watching this Sacramento and Golden State series?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yes, Sabonis and Draymond Green.

- Yeah, I mean--

CHRIS BOUCHER: I've been watching every game, man. I'm connected.

- Listen, it's a fantastic series. We're seeing some damn good basketball.


- Where was Draymond Green supposed to put his foot?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I don't know, if he hold me like that too-- cause I felt like he was holding him. Like, he hold his foot a little bit. I wouldn't WWE stomp him. But, like--

- Would you like to do a reenactment?


- Yeah. So you want to play Draymond Green?


- OK

CHRIS BOUCHER: I mean, I don't know if he really-- I don't know if he really, like, stomp. I try to play it slowly to see if there's, like, a dent, like, to see how, you know, hard he kick him. I didn't see it. So I don't know. Maybe it was just, like, a chill out kind of-- you know? But once again, Draymond's known for, you know, having incidents like this. He got a flagrant 2-2, so-- and he got suspended.

- Yeah. What is it like playing against him? You've played against him a bunch of times.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. I mean, to be honest, it's just hard man. If-- I mean, I was always, like, a hard-headed person. So, like, I feel like I was just going against it. Like, you know, you want to go, I'll go.

- Like, how is it talking? Is it really--

CHRIS BOUCHER: Oh, talk shit to another level. Like, he's-- he's actually the definition of talk shit. Like, you can't talk shit to Draymond. You're gonna lose.

- But, like, we only get to see it for, you know, like on TV and stuff like that.

CHRIS BOUCHER: It's the same.

- But you're in the g-- like, what does he say? Can you impersonate him?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Draymond is the actual-- Draymond is the actual-- what you see on this podcast is actually who he is in person. Like, you know how he's like, you don't know, but you're a bum? That's what you're gonna get in the game. Like, you're gonna talk about it, you're gonna have a good game, wherever. You know, yeah, you bum-ass [BLEEP] Like, you're gonna hear that. See how Kevin Garnett was on the bench, somebody shouted, trash ass [BLEEP]. Yeah.

- Yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Draymond does that.


Didn't you guys see when Paul Pierce was doing his story and he was like, they ain't got love for you like that.

- Yes, I did see that, yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That's what he does. That's another level--

- That's just him.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, that's him. He does that. Like, you stomp somebody in the chest and then you're like, yeah, yeah! That shit hypes you up. And then after that, you win the next game.

- How do you feel when it comes to controlling your emotion, when it comes to sports overall?


- Because it-- yeah. Like, because it could be a detriment to him, right? Like, he does that, goes crazy with the crowd. Adam Silver's there.


- He ends up getting suspended.


- Luckily, they win the game.


- But when it comes to controlling emotion.

- It depends, bro. I'm telling you. You could go-- who knows, you might-- like, us players, we go through moments in our lives sometimes, and we have to go play a game anyway. And during that time, like, let's say you're going to-- let's say you're going through a divorce right now. You and your wife is going bad. It's not going well in the house.

Now you got to go play this game and you got to listen to whoever has to say something about you right now, that you don't want to hear, or whatever. Or you go on a team and you go on a fast break layup, and somebody pushed you, and you fall on the ground. Now everything that you're mad about might come out right there and there. And then after that, it looks crazy.

You know, like, we all get moments. Like, me, for a moment, I was not playing well. And I got a stupid thing for yelling at the rookie, I think, Shannon Sharpe. I was yelling at him, like, ah! For no reason. I didn't-- I didn't even realize I was doing it. I was like, damn, that's a brain fart. Like, I was just going through so much during that time, that it just came out at that moment, you know what I'm saying?

And I feel like we all get it sometimes. And after, when-- we all-- if you think about players that do dumb stuff, when they go to the media after, their energy's all time low. Cause they probably already thought about it, like, damn, that was-- (WHISPERING) that was probably stupid. You understand?

- Yeah, that--

CHRIS BOUCHER: And then you-- I'm sorry, you know, I didn't think about it. And I got to make better judgment. That's after you did it, never before. Because a lot of people would never make a mistake.

- And Draymond, too, like, he's-- he's different, bro. Like, he's the only player we've seen that can do all this stuff during the game and then go after and do a podcast by himself.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I love it, man.

- Ain't seen anything like it

CHRIS BOUCHER: We ain't got all that time, but I love it. His podcast is definitely blowing up, and people like it. So might as well do it. Like, I respect him for that. Like, I respect the work that he puts in his podcast and the game.

- Mm-hmm.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Like, that's-- you know, that's something to definitely put respect in.